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Friday, April 1, 2011

Change iPhone,iPod touch Fonts

iPhone which is not jailbroken doesnot allow the user to change the fonts of the phone and hence all the fonts are same even if you want to change it. you cannot!!!!!

Jailbreak your iPhone now and get all new view of the iPhone with new fonts and hence experience the change!!!!

now what you have to do is :-
  1. go to cydia and go to search.
  1. now search byta font and install byta font.
  2. now go to cydia again.
  3. go to sections and find fonts in it.
  4. go into the fonts.
  5. find your favorite font and enjoy the new fonts.
other softwares are also present but this software changes each and every font of the phone others are
not so strong......

Also a special mention that it works with iPod touch as well.....

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