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Saturday, April 9, 2011

iPhone Gravity

must have seen google gravity.... if that thing amazes you then this is a post for you to get something like that in your very own iPhone .............
effect of graviboard
(works with iPod touch, iPad1 and iPad2 as well)

Now here's a guide of what you have to do !!!!!!!

STEP 1:- go to cydia.

STEP 2:- Now add the repository (this is a
                the repository which has everything cracked).

STEP 3:- After adding the repository now go to the repository.

STEP 4:- Search for
               Graviboard in the
               repository. install the  
               same and you are
               done with it...........

STEP 5:-Go to setting now.
              Navigate into the
              Graviboard and tap
              on activation methods and choose you favourite activation  
               method (there   are lots and lots of cool activation mehtods
              such as pinching any icon, shaking the device, double press of            
                                                                       home button etc.). Once done and

 then enjoy the effect of gravtiy in your iPhone.

There are many cool options as well for example there is an option about the gravity i.e. what type of gravity you want (Earth, Moon ,Zero gravity, Custom) it is like how the icons will behave when they are taken to these places.

You can also set the bounciness of the icons i.e how high will the icons bounce in gravity. The friction between the icons can also be set.....

So grab graviboard and enjoy ...........

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