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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blekko – An Anti-Spam Search Engine

Blekko is a new comer in the search engine space that can give Google a run for its money in the long run. The company was fouded by Rich Skrenta and already earned itself an angel round from Baseline Ventures and two ex-Googlers. This search engine uses slashtags, basically a slash (/) followed by a tag. With this you can define your vertical. No doubt Google has the monopoly on the market. But Blekko proves that there’s always room for an innovative idea to shine through.
Blekko AutoSlashes generic search queries. It fits one of the most appropriate slashtags to your search query, from the following list:
  • autos
  • colleges
  • health
  • hotels
  • lyrics
  • personal finance
  • recipes
  • personal finance
  • recipes
After a simple sign up, you can create your own slashtags. You can choose them to keep private or share with the Blekko world. You can choose exactly which sites to search. When it comes to transparency in terms of search ranking, Blekko goes a step ahead of Google and Bing. It has also a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) section. When you click on the rank on the page, you’ll be redirected to the SEO page. Blekko lets you search for “cloud”. You’ll get a bunch of different slashtags to choose from and you can add them to your search.

Cloud Search Suggestions
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