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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Causes of DLL Errors

Before discussing the causes of DLL errors, first we need to know what DLL files are and their purpose. Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files are executable files compiled in different libraries. These libraries are used by the Windows operating systems to perform different functions that can be important for the system entire functionality. DLL files are associated to a specific application that can have static or dynamic link. A dynamic DLL link is used by the program only when required while static link is used all through out the operation of the program. The DLL files have a .dll file extension, but there are also cases when they are given .exe extensions.

The great thing about DLL files is that it can be used by different programs simultaneously. Windows include DLL files that can be used by applications installed in the computer. All programs have DLL files included which is executed or used when the program is in use.

What is a DLL Hell?
The term DLL Hell is a collective term for the errors that occurred which is related to DLL files.

The causes of DLL errors are:
If an application is newly installed in the computer and then the DLL files already in the system is overwritten with old version. Replacing DLL files can cause errors because as mentioned DLL files are in use To avoid DLL errors, developers must also make sure that the DLL files already installed in the computer must match the DLL files included in the installation file. If in case a message prompts you that DLL files are about to be overwritten make sure that you maintain the newer version of the DLL files.

The error message could appear when deleting files in the Recycle Bin:“This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor. Specifically, this error message occurs when the Msvcrt40.dll file encountered a problem or it is corrupted. The Msvcrt40.dll file is stored in the Windows System folder.If a DLL file is deleted and it is used by several applications can cause DLL errors. DLL errors can be deleted when an application using it is uninstalled.

Another cause of DLL errors is malfunctioned hardware, damaged registry entry, and problems encountered by an application.

An example of an error message that can be encountered when there is a missing DLL file: could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
C:system32hal.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file.

This error usually happens when in a multi-boot operating system. One of the common causes of DLL errors is when the computer is infected with a virus or malware programs. Malware programs can interfere with the normal operation of the system. Like for instance, when the Internet Explorer is upgraded to version 7 the following error might occur: for res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm.

A simple way to resolve this error is to install antivirus software in the computer. Then constantly scan your computer and update the antivirus software when needed. When the error message appeared when you are browsing a suspicious site through Internet Explorer7, disable the protected mode options of the browser.

Lastly, the error can also be caused by Kerio and Zone Alarm firewall so if needed uninstall the applications causing the several applications installed in the computer.

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