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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Solitaire cheats

Secret - Instant Win

Instructions - Press Alt + Shift + 2 during game play to instantly win.

Secret - Draw single cards in a Draw Three game

Instructions - Hold down CTRL + ALT + SHIFT while drawing a new card. Instead of drawing three cards you will only draw one.

Infinite Points

In the Windows XP version of solitaire, draw from the deck at least twice. Hold control and drag a card down from the deck. Click the "A" key and then let go of the left mouse key. You will get 10 points for this. Continue doing this for infinite points!

Infinite points trick II

To do this trick, finish a game of solitaire with the time bonus option on. The cards will start bouncing. Click on the solitaire screen and the play again box will pop up. Select no, so the solitaire screen is just blank green. Use the instant win cheat (Alt+Shift+2) and you will recieve the time bonus you got last game will be added to your last game's score. For example, if your time bonus was 5000, and your final score was 6000, after using this glitch, you will have a score of 11000. This glitch can be used as many times as you want.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Google says Android Market is malware 'Free'

 Finally, Google broke its silence on malware attack in Android Market. The search engine giant said that it has successfully removed malicious apps from the Android Market.

Google said that its team has been working to delete the malware apps from users devices. The malware apps invaded to the Android Market through the known vulnerabilities. The California based company added that the only information the attackers were able to gather was device-specific IMEI/IMSI, unique codes which are used to identify mobile devices, and the version of Android running on the devices.

The removal of the malware apps was done through Google's remote application removal feature. Google defined it as one of many security controls the Android team can use to help protect users from malicious applications.

After deleting the malware apps, Google suspended the associated developer accounts, and contacted law enforcement about the attack. As a part of security update, the affected devices will receive an email from

"You will also receive a notification on your device that "Android Market Security Tool March 2011" has been installed. You may also receive notification(s) on your device that an application has been removed. You are not required to take any action from there; the update will automatically undo the exploit. Within 24 hours of the exploit being undone, you will receive a second email," Google said in its blog post.

Pinball cheats

Secret - Extra Balls
Instructions - Type 1max at the start of a new ball to get extra balls.

Secret - Gravity Well
Instructions - Type gmax at the start of a new game to activate the Gravity Well.

Secret - Instant Promotion
Instructions - Type rmax at the start of a new game to go up in ranks.

Secret - Skill Shot
Instructions - Launch the ball partially up the chute past the third yellow light bar so it falls back down to get 75,000 points. There are six yellow light bars that are worth a varying amount of points:

First: 15,000 points
Second: 30,000 points
Third: 75,000 points
Fourth: 30,000 points
Fifth: 15,000 points
Sixth: 7,500 points

Secret - Test Mode
Instructions - Type hidden test at the start of a new ball to activate Test Mode. No notification will be given that this is activated but you can now left-click the mouse button and drag the ball around.

Secret - Unlimited Balls
Instructions - Type bmax at the start of a new ball. No notification will be given that this is activated but when a ball is lost a new ball will appear from the yellow wormhole indefinitely. Once this is activated you will be unable to activate other secrets without restarting

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beware of Real Kamasutra.pps.exe computer virus

London: The Kama Sutra virus, which affected millions of computers in 2006, is back again. Many security experts have warned about the spread of new Kama Sutra virus in the form of a Powerpoint presentation.

Experts added that it's very difficult to remove the virus once it is infected the computer. The virus spread in the name 'Real kamasutra.pps.exe.' This virus is mostly affected to those who downloaded the file from net.

While clicking on the presentation, users can see some Kama Sutra sexual positions. But at same time, the virus will be affected on their computers. The worst part about the virus is that it allows hackers to access to users personal files.

Security experts recommend all users to update their anti-virus softwares to prevent the infection of Kama Sutra virus. If you have viewed this file in recent times, scan your computer and delete the virus from your registry.

Minesweeper cheat

Secret - Reveal Mines

Instructions - Minimize or close all running applications. Launch Minesweeper, then type xyzzy. Next hold down either shift key for one second. Now when you move the mouse cursor over a Minesweeper square you will see a tiny white pixel in the top left corner of your desktop screen. This pixel will change to black when your mouse moves over a mine. You may need to change you desktop background to a solid color other then white or black to see the pixel.

Grid Lock in iPhone

Ever tried placing your icons in the iPhone leaving one blank space in between. If you would have tried you would know otherwise make a note that Apple's basic firmware doesnot allow you to do something which is shown like this in the picture. View this screenshot of my phone for example.The icon called SCMusic is placed at the bottom of the screen leaving blank space in between the two icons.This will not happen in the basic firmware without any hack. So now you might be thinking why we need it????

The answer is that there are some themes which have some very good animations in the middle of the screen and hence if you want these animations then you have no option to see those animations behind the icons.

But the hacking now comes into play.
Gridlock is a revolutionary software will allows user to place the icon anywhere on the screen and hence helps to see animations and more.

got o cydia->search->Gridlock
install it and respring your springboard and you are done.

But you must ensure that you have the repo installed.

Send Self Destructing and Tracking Emails

Every time that you send an email, copies are stored permanently on multiple email servers as well as the
recipient's inbox and anyone they decide to send it to. Your emails can be stored and scanned in more places than you can imagine. Do you want people storing your email messages forever? Do you want something that you type today to be used against you tomorrow, next week, next month or even in the next decade?

Until now, everyone else has had control of the email that you have sent. BigString gives you back control of your email, acting like an automatic shredder for your email. You can self-destruct or change an email that's already been sent or read. Don't leave your messages sitting in peoples' inboxes forever. Get a free BigString email account to protect your privacy.  

Bigstring is a email provider like other email providers who provide them for free but it has some good features which r not available in others emails.

Features like:
  • Self-Destructing Email
  • Recallable/Erasable Email
  • Non-Forwardable Email
  • Non-Printable/Savable Email
  • Advanced Email Tracking
  • Masquerading
  • Unlimited storage
  • Large Attachment Capacity
  • Fun Email Effects

    Signup today n start playing with your buddies.

    Visit Now

Monday, March 28, 2011

Make More Money by Forwarding and Masking Clickbank Affiliate Links

If you’re trying to make money with affiliate marketing, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that could make you more money. It is really easy and simple to do and by the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll wish you would have thought of it sooner. So what is this simple secret? Forwarding and masking your affiliate links, especially if you sell Clickbank products.

I’ll first show you how to do it and then I’ll explain how it could make you more money. The easiest way to show you is with an example. I write a blog about lotto winners. If you check out my blog, you’ll see that at the end of each post is an affiliate link to a Clickbank product. However, you would never know that it is an affiliate link because if you hover your mouse over it, you’ll see that the URL is; there’s no weird tracking codes there, so it doesn’t look like an affiliate link. If you click on it, there’s still no tracking codes. How did I do this? The product I’m promoting is I registered a similar domain,, through GoDaddy. Then I forwarded my affiliate link to my registered domain and ‘masked’ it.

What this means is that a user that clicks on my link is actually taken to the affiliate link, yet it still shows my domain in the address bar. And, the best part is that GoDaddy actually let’s you create your own page titles and meta tags for your forwarded and masked domain. Take a look at the page titles in and my domain, You’ll see that they’re different, yet everything else on the page is the same.

z Domain Forwarding

All you have to do to do this is go into your Godaddy account and click the ‘Forward’ button. Then you just fill in the fields, like I did (See screenshot above).

Now, how could forwarding and masking affiliate links make you more money? Consider this example – Let’s say you come across the Lotto Black Book sales page. You look at it, think it’s interesting, but you don’t buy the product. A few days later, you have a change of heart and decide to buy it, but you don’t quite remember the name of the product. While trying to remember, you might think it was Lottery Black Book instead of Lotto Black Book. So you type into the address bar and, presto, that’s my domain and it forwards to my affiliate link. If you buy, I get the commission. So, if you register a domain name that is similar to the domain name that you are promoting, you could get ‘typo’ traffic.

Did you know, also, that many sites don’t allow you to post affiliate links? But they do allow you to post forwarded and masked affiliate links. For example, if you do article marketing, will not allow affiliate links, but they will allow forwarded and masked links.

Of course, there are many more reasons why forwarding and masking affiliate links could make you more money like, for example, many web-savvy consumers don’t trust affiliate links and so they don’t click on them. If you could think of any more reasons of how forwarding and masking can make you more money, leave a comment – I’d love to hear your ideas.

[Via  aboutonlinetips]

FreeCell game secret ..!!!

Secret - Instant Win
Instructions - Hold down Ctrl + Shift + F10 during game play. Then you will be asked if you want to Abort, Retry or Ignore. Choose Abort, then move any card to instantly win.

Secret - Hidden Game Modes
Instructions - In the "Game" menu choose "Select Game". Enter -1 or -2 to activate the hidden game modes.

Android lock in iPhone

so after jailbreaking you would need to know about the cool stuff on offer in cydia. so here's one of it. So lets start.

this is Android lock.

Android lock is a utility which was originally in Android OS based phones but now the same is in iPhone. so lets explore it. First of all let me tell you the android lock developed for iPhone is damn secure as it takes into account the moves and the directions of the moves as well for instance if my password is as shown in the figure. you can see small arrows of the green colour with the pattern these need to be same as that of the original unlocking code. this enhances security so if you enter the same code but the orientation of arrows is different then you will not be able to enter the phone. So security is a plus point of this.

Now lets see how to get it

Step1: first of all add the repository to your cydia using the same procedure as i told in the previous post add and then type the repository and explore it.

Step2: go in the repository and add Androidlock xt from there and let it install.

Step3: now go to settings of the device and now go to Androidlock xt and set it enable. now it is enable the next thing to do is set the pattern.

Step4: from the same location where you enabled Androidlock xt go to change pattern now if the pattern is to be set for the first time it will not ask for old one but if the old one exists then it will ask you to put the same otherwise it will not allow you to change the pattern.

Step5: all set now just now click the power button on the top of the device and see the android lock.

Now we can coustomise the same as well there are many themes to this Android lock such as :-
1) simple 2) squares 3) hauegod 4) blades 5) pacman

Now done with the features, installing and all. now comes the dark side of the coin. it has a hack which allows any user to get into the device easily i.e without matching the pattern.

The trick is to make a call to the device and then press the home button on the device and enter the phone easily and now you can disable the Android lock easily. So this is the hack to this thing.
So now you are free to enjoy the Androidlock.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Many of you guys know what IP address is and what its use in the internet is for the readers who don’t know it

So if want the IP address of a website then make use of the following tool. These are embedded in Microsoft operating system so there is no need to install any soft-ware for it.

Process on how to do it:
1)      Open run and type cmd and press enter
2)      Type ping website name EX: ping
3)      This gives you the IP address of the website.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

iBoot + MultiBeast: Install Mac OS X on any Intel-based PC

Any OSx86 installation guide can seem daunting at first glance, especially when trying to remember cryptic terminal commands and sorting through volumes of misinformation on the web.  This guide requires no coding, terminal work, or Mac experience of any kind.  You will not need access to a Mac.  In fact, it's easier and faster for me to install Snow Leopard with fully working components on my system than it is to install Windows 7.  And more fun.

The iBoot + MultiBeast method is designed and tested for any desktop or laptop running the latest line of Intel processors, the Core i3/i5/i7s.  I have had reports of success with older machines as well including CoreDuo, Core2Duo, and even Pentium 4.  However, AMD processors are not supported.


  • A computer running an Intel Processor
  • A blank CD
  • A Mac OS X Snow Leopard Retail DVD
  • To leave any fear of your computer at the door.
  • Patience and humility- it may not work out perfectly the first time- but with enough tenacity and grit, you'll reach the promised land.  It's easy to get frustrated, but don't give up! 
  • If you have greater than 4gb of RAM, remove the extra RAM for a maximum of 4gb.  You can put back any extra RAM in after the installation process.
  • Use only 1 graphics card in the 1st PCIe slot with 1 monitor plugged in.
  • Remove any hard drives besides the blank drive being used for OS X.
  • Remove any USB peripherals besides keyboard and mouse.
  • Remove any PCI cards besides graphics- they may not be Mac compatible.
  • If using a Gigabyte 1156 board, use the blue Intel SATA ports- not the white Gigabyte SATA ports.
  • It's best to use an empty hard drive- you will have to partition and format the drive. 
  • Always back up any of your important data.
You will need to set your BIOS to ACHI mode and your Boot Priority to boot from CD-ROM first.  This is the most important step, and one many people overlook.  Make sure your bios settings match these.  It's not difficult- the only thing I did on my Gigabyte board besides setting Boot Priority to CD/DVD first was set Optimized Defaults, change SATA to AHCI mode, and set HPET to 64-bit mode.


In order to boot the Mac OS X Retail DVD, you'll need to download and burn iBoot.  For desktops and laptops using unsupported Intel CPUs and graphics, a legacy version of iBoot can be downloaded here.
  1. Download iBoot
  2. Burn the image to CD
  3. Place iBoot in CD/DVD drive
  4. Restart computer
  5. At Chameleon prompt, eject iBoot

  6. Insert your Mac OS X Snow Leopard Retail DVD and press F5
  7. When you see the screen below, press enter to begin the boot process
  8. When you get to the installation screen, open Utilities/Disk Utility.  NOTE: If you can't get to the installation screen, retry the process, but type -x at the screen above.  This will enter Mac OS X Safe Mode, which will allow you to proceed.  If this doesn't work, try PCIRootUID=1.  Some newer cards require this command.
  9. Partition your hard drive to GUID Partition Table
  10. Format your hard drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled).   NOTE: Chameleon can only boot from a disk or partition of 1 TB or less.  Partition larger drives.
  11. For the purposes of this guide, name it Snow Leopard.  You can rename it later.
  12. Close Disk Utility
  13. When the installer asks you where to install, choose Snow Leopard
  14. Choose Customize‚ and uncheck additional options.  This will hasten the install process.  You can always install this stuff later.
  15. Restart computer.
  16. Place iBoot back in drive.
  17. When you get to the Chameleon boot selection screen, choose your new Snow Leopard installation.
  18. View the super-cool Mac OS X Snow Leopard Welcome Video, and set up your computer!

[Via TonyMacx86]

Wondering why System.exe is using so much memory

If you are fed up of high memory usage of system process file and you could not find the reason behind this, here is most likely reason and solution. It is AVG anti-virus which uses System.exe file with it. If your system is not having enough ram, i would suggest you to use less heavy anti-virus software.

Jailbreaking ios 4.1 (hacking at its best)

Now after we are familiar with the basics of iPhone so lets get down to some business now. lets jailbreak iPhone 3Gs on iOS 4.1. I am starting the jailbreaking from iOS because now it has all become iOS market. Very few people talk below iOS and those are the few which own a non supported version of iPhone like iPhone 2G or 3G on which the iOS slows down for all those people if you want to try it out i will put a tutorial on that as well but for now its iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3Gs. So lets begin to spread the magic.
But before we move any further there is a concept of tethered and untethered jailbreak. Now the difference between the two is that for a tethered jailbreak you require to jailbreak after every reboot of any kind even it was after draining the battery or a simple reboot you need a jailbreak actually its not a jailbreak but just restoring your device to the jailbroken mode after reboot but in the untethered version you donot require to restore after a reboot.

Now lets get down to some serious business. Lets jailbreak now:

things you need:-
1) iphone firmware 4.1. download here
2) ipad firmware 4.1 download here
3) redsnow 0.9.6 download here

Step1: download the custom firmware 4.1. Donot ever update from the iTunes instead download from some other site such as the one given above.

Step2: now go to iTunes and hold the shift key and click on restore to search for a file from the computer otherwise it would start downloading the OS from the apple site.

iTunes will take some time and now you will see this screen(which has a wire and iTunes logo). now u are on new firmware without any jailbreak or activation(sim unlocking).

Step4: now download Redsnow from
the link given above. After you have started redsnow now you need to locate your ipsw (iPhone specific file for iOS 4.1 which we have downloaded from the link given earlier. After you have done everything now a check box interface will be present here now what you need to do is check install iPad baseband. it will show you some warnings read that carefully and then if you want then click yes.

Step 5:After all is done you will see a disk which says loading ramdisk (just as the figure here shows a disk and a green arrow) and after that you will see a lot of coding on your idevice. don't panic everythings good. when all that ends your device will reboot and you will have a jailbroken idevice.

Step6: last thing to do is activate idevice so that it can work on any other carrier so hence you will need to go to cydia->manage->Sources->edit->add. now add the repository

Step7: now go to this repository via the same route in step6 but in place of edit find your repository and enter it. there will be a package ultrasnow just install it. if it installs perfectly it will say to reboot device otherwise try again.

Now you are ready to go any sim on your fully jaibroken device....... njoy hacking!!!!!!
have a look at this video to make it more clear [video via youtube]

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bypass/Hack - Url shortener service

we all know, there are tons of ways for making money online. It may be sharecash, self-hosted blog or any other url shortener like pays bucks for each advertisement seen using your shortened link. The link viewer has to wait for 5 seconds until the advertisement loads and only after 5 seconds, he can view the actual intended page. So, I have today come up with a hack which helps you to bypass advertisement. By using this hack, you don't need to wait for counter to go to zero. You can simply bypass advertisements.I have provided the link for software download .. just read on.

Bypass/Hack Url shortener advertisements:

To bypass/hack, you need to have Firefox browser with Greasemonkey installed. You can install Greasemonkey firefox addon, if you haven't installed yet.

1. Go to Hacker script page to bypass/hack advertisements.

2. Hit on Install and confirm the script installation in your Greasemonkey.

3. Now, whenever you'll click on any shortened link, you won't see any timer or counter of 5 seconds. The actual intended page will appear.

That's it friends. This was a small hack by which you can
bypass/hack url shortener advertisements and wait times.This hack to bypass adfly has worked perfectly for me, hope it will help you all.

Found this hack working for you??? Share your reactions in comments.

Enjoy hack to bypass advertisements.

Winamp Hacking For Unlimited Music

Using a loophole in a winamp plugin, you can download and burn music from Napster for free.

Practical how to:

0. Download and install Napster, sign up for 14 day free trial.
1. Download and install Winamp
2. Download and install the Winamp Plug-in Output Stacker
3. Open Winamp Options->Plug-ins->Output->Dietmar's Output Stacker->Configure

a. Add out_ds.dll from Winamp/Plug-ins folder
b. Add out_disk.dll from Winamp/Plug-ins folder
c. Select out_disk.dll in the Output Stacker->Configure
d. Set the output directory and output file mode to Force WAV file
e. Exit preferences

4. Load downloaded Napster protected WMAs into your Winamp playlist
5. Press play and each file will be converted to WAV as it plays
6. Burn WAVs to CD with your favorite burning program

Publish to All Your Social Networks from One Place

Publishers do all the hard work in creating useful content which takes time. Social media is all what everybody wants online now a days. Even messengers are old fashioned. Everybody uses Facebook and Twitter, right? Social network has got a huge impact on publishers. Experienced web publishers do not ignore social network marketing and they put their efforts in social network advertising as well. So now you have to create great content, find great social networks and then publish there what you write as well so that your work might reach where all your buddies are. And there is not a single social network you know that. Okay, here is all in one auto publishing solution to all your favorite networks. Although I do not recommend auto publishing.

With heavy usage of social networks emails and messengers are old fashioned now a days. Publishers used to reach people via email marketing before. But now you have to keep up with your buddies in different social networks to convey your message. This online tool is just like automatic email marketing. You just create an account at the website and give your RSS/Feed enabled website/blog to it, mention your favorite social networks and it does the rest.
You can login to this service using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Free account offers 300 posts per day for 5 networks. If you connect using facebook then it will add all your pages and profile in the network. Connect with other social networks and start publishing to all those networks from one place. No need to open multiple browsers.
If you are not a publisher and only use social networks to connect with your buddies, then also this service is useful for you. Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, Windows Live, Google Buzz with the online application and start posting to all these networks from one browser, one place, one application.

Visit LinksAlpha.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Remove Brontok Virus Urself ..!!!!

Start ur computer in safe mode with command prompt and type the followinf command to enable registry editor:-

reg delete HKCU\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\policies\system /v "DisableRegistryTools"
and run HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\policies\system /v "DisableRegistryTools"

after this ur registry editor is enable
type explorer
go to run and type regedit
then follow the following path :-

on the right side delete the entries which contain 'Brontok' and 'Tok-' words.

after that restart ur system
open registry editor and follow the path to enable folder option in tools menu

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Policies\Explorer\ 'NoFolderOption'
delete this entry and restart ur computer

and search *.exe files in all drives (search in hidden files also)
remove all files which are display likes as folder icon.

ur computer is completely free from virus brontok

Increase Your uTorrent Download Speed By 80%

Lets get started. If you dont have Utorrent, Download it from here Remember to increase torrent speed please disable firewall before you use it. Now Open it up and follow these screenshots tutorial:

For connection setting I Here checked enable upnp port mapping, enable NAT-PMP port mapping and i use 45682 for random port.

Checked use additional upload slots if upload speed <90% and follow the value setting like screenshot.
Checked for enable dht network, enable dht for new torrent, enable local peer discovery, ask tracker for scrape information, enable peer change, allow incoming legacy connections and enable outgoing protocol encryption.

[Via mycomputerrules]

Automatic Windows Shutdown with Scheduled Tasks (No Software Needed)

windows shutdown

Picture this: it’s 12am and you want to go to bed but you’re in the middle of a download. You know the ETA for download completion is less than 2 hours. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to automatically shut down Windows at 2am after the download completes while you sleep instead of leaving it on all night? There are tools out there that can do this, either freeware or shareware, but why bother with installing another application when Windows is perfectly capable of automated shutdowns natively?
I’m talking about Scheduled Tasks combined with shutdown.exe, both tools provided by Windows. Scheduled Tasks gives you an easy interface to schedule an application to run at a certain time. Shutdown.exe is a DOS command that can locally and remotely shut down your computer.
First let’s take a look at how to use shutdown.exe. Here is the DOS documentation:
Usage: shutdown [-i | -l | -s | -r | -a] [-f] [-m \\computername] [-t xx] [-c "comment"] [-d up:xx:yy]
No args Display this message (same as -?)
-i Display GUI interface, must be the first option
-l Log off (cannot be used with -m option)
-s Shutdown the computer
-r Shutdown and restart the computer
-a Abort a system shutdown
-m \\computername Remote computer to shutdown/restart/abort
-t xx Set timeout for shutdown to xx seconds
-c “comment” Shutdown comment (maximum of 127 characters)
-f Forces running applications to close without warning
-d [u][p]:xx:yy The reason code for the shutdown
u is the user code
p is a planned shutdown code
xx is the major reason code (positive integer less than 256)
yy is the minor reason code (positive integer less than 65536)
What we’re particularly interested are the “-s” and “-f” parameters as you’ll see later. Next let’s bring up Windows Scheduled Tasks by going to Start -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks.

windows task scheduler shutdown

Now double click on “Add Scheduled Task” and hit “Browse” to look for shutdown.exe.
windows shutdown scheduled tasks

Browse for shutdown.exe located in C:\WINDOWS\System32\shutdown.exe. It proclaims itself to be the Windows Remote Shutdown Tool although in our case we’re using it to shutdown our local computer.
windows shutdown

Give the task any name you want, in my case I used “Auto Shutdown” and make sure to check “One time only” as you probably don’t want to be doing this daily, weekly, or monthly!
windows shutdown

Keep clicking through the self-explanatory dialogs, being sure to provide your Windows password when needed until the last prompt. At this point you will need to customize the shutdown command slightly further (remember -s and -f?) so check “Open advanced properties” before you hit finish.
windows shutdown

As the advanced dialog opens, add “-s -f” to the end of the command as shown in the red box. The “-s” option specifies a shutdown (versus a restart with “-r”) and the “-f” command forces all applications to close.
windows shutdown

When everything is done, you will see a new scheduled task. You can now to go sleep.

windows shutdown

iOS 4 : the most advanced OS

the iOS 4 is the worlds most advanced mobile OS developed and hence it has become a topic of discussion and here it is iOS 4. its all here the most advanced features and as compared to any other mobile OS. i think apple is years forward as compared to other mobile OS which are trying to match Apple.

There are many special and cool features to look out for in iOS 4 and these are :-

you might have heard this term in computers but how come a phone has this feature??? The answer to this is only Apple's iOS 4 the most advanced OS. it supports multitasking as when we press the home key(a circular button on the bottom side of the iPhone) two times with a little pause the whole screen shifts upwards and a new scree downwards is shown that is the multitasking tab.....

here the main screen has shifted upwards and the multitasking tab has come up now if you long tap on this button u will see red marks on the icons ( refer to the post in ipod section of in case you are not familiar with it ). Now you have the capability to shut down any running process just by following a single step but otherwise you have to have a software called SB Settings to do the same functionality now its native to the iPhone.
Hack to this:- if you donot like multitasking you can remove by a simple hack to this
Step 1:- add a repository name from cydia.
Step 2:- After the repository is successfully added go in the repository and find Disable iOS 4 Multitasking software which is a cracked software which disables multitasking.

b) Camera improvements:- the earlier OS by Apple which were called firmware by Apple that is all the OS prior to iOS 4. these firmwares( OS prior to iOS 4) took a lot of time after clicking a photo and then getting back to the camera but iOS 4 has solved the problem and the camera time is amazing.

c) Folders:- Have you ever seen folders in any OS which can incorporate the applications installed by the user. Here comes the advanced iOS 4 which allows a user to make as many folders as he/she likes to organize the applications and even better thing one can name a folder as one wants. now isn't that a functionality.....

in the picture you can see a folder named utilities and i have grouped together clock, calculator, compass and voice memos just to keep my phone organised well. Hence the folders were introduced to keep the things of the same type together so it is normal that we group all our games to a folder and then name is games simply and dont have to find it here and there rolling down pages of your iPhone.

Hack to this:- a simple hack gives a full screen folder view with feel like page shift and all.
Step 1:- add a repository name from cydia.
Step 2:- After the repository is successfully added go in the repository and find FolderEnhancer which is a cracked software which shows full screen folders.

d) Social Gaming:- Apple now supports social gaming with a special software provided in the iOS 4 called the GameCenter. this is the icon for it. what this does is it provides a common platform to all the iPhone users for the same game to compete with each other and have a lot more fun filled gaming experience....

e) Face-Time:- Another brilliant feature of iOS 4 is the facetime which enables the users to make a video call to other person who obviously owns the iPhone. here the two people can chat face to face. Now you can call your friends anytime and chat with them face to face with just few clicks of the buttons.

The fun thing is that Apple provides the iOS4 free of cost to the iPhone users from its site but it is not recommended to download from there if you are looking for the jailbreaking your iPhone. Just download from and enjoy the free jailbroken new iOS 4.

As far as all the major things about the iOS 4 are concerned these are few of the new features added but off course the features that the previous versions had will also be there. if you are an iPhone user i recommend you to use this most advanced mobile OS and have a fun filled time with your iPhone and to know how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod and iPad the post i will insert after a few days. but till then donot try to update you can seriously mess up with your i device may it be iPhone, iPod or an iPad. so i recommend to learn all about jailbreaking and updating the i device.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Add Control Panel to the Desktop Right-Click Menu : Hack

The steps given below will add Control Panel to your Desktop Right Click Menu.

Once you select that item, it will immediately open up Control Panel:


You could use the same technique to add any item into the context menu, or you could even use the same location in the registry to remove things like the NVIDIA Control Panel or ATI Control Center from the menu.

Manual Registry Hack
Open up regedit.exe through the start menu search or run box, and then browse down to the following key:
Once you are there, you’ll want to right-click on “shell” and create a new key called Control Panel.


Under that one, you’ll want to right-click and create a new key called “command”.


Select the “command” key on the left-hand side, and then