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Friday, March 25, 2011

Publish to All Your Social Networks from One Place

Publishers do all the hard work in creating useful content which takes time. Social media is all what everybody wants online now a days. Even messengers are old fashioned. Everybody uses Facebook and Twitter, right? Social network has got a huge impact on publishers. Experienced web publishers do not ignore social network marketing and they put their efforts in social network advertising as well. So now you have to create great content, find great social networks and then publish there what you write as well so that your work might reach where all your buddies are. And there is not a single social network you know that. Okay, here is all in one auto publishing solution to all your favorite networks. Although I do not recommend auto publishing.

With heavy usage of social networks emails and messengers are old fashioned now a days. Publishers used to reach people via email marketing before. But now you have to keep up with your buddies in different social networks to convey your message. This online tool is just like automatic email marketing. You just create an account at the website and give your RSS/Feed enabled website/blog to it, mention your favorite social networks and it does the rest.
You can login to this service using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Free account offers 300 posts per day for 5 networks. If you connect using facebook then it will add all your pages and profile in the network. Connect with other social networks and start publishing to all those networks from one place. No need to open multiple browsers.
If you are not a publisher and only use social networks to connect with your buddies, then also this service is useful for you. Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, Windows Live, Google Buzz with the online application and start posting to all these networks from one browser, one place, one application.

Visit LinksAlpha.

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