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Monday, March 7, 2011

How To Install and Use the New Bing Bar in Internet Explorer 9

The old version of the Bing Bar was pretty useful, but took up a lot of real-estate on the IE screen. The new version is a lot more streamlined, includes easy access to data, and integrates quite nicely with IE 9.


Install & Use the New Bing Bar

1. To get the new Bing Bar open IE 9 and click the Download Now button on the new Bing Bar site.
2. At the bottom of IE 9 click to run the installer or download it to a convenient location on your hard drive to install later.
3. When you start the installation you’ll see the Installing Bing Bar progress screen.
4. It only takes about a minute to install and you’ll get some additional options to decide on. If you use Firefox you might want to uncheck the options to set Bing as your default search provider, setting MSN as your homepage, and sending anonymous info to the Bing team.
5. Then at the bottom of IE 9 click the Enable button.
6. Now you’ll have access to the new Bing Bar and what it offers. As you can see it’s a lot more streamlined, and it takes up less space in the browser if you hide the other menus and toolbars.

7. It offers a lot of the same things the old Bing Bar did and some extras as well. Some of the buttons you click will open a screen without bringing you to a separate site like the weather.
8. If you want to keep up on the latest news headlines, it opens up MSN news with an overview of the latest news. But if you want to get more in-depth coverage, it takes you to the site.
9. It allows you to access your Facebook account. Just click the Facebook button and you’re prompted to log in.
10. So if you’re a Facebook addict, you can always stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.
11. There are a lot more things you can access like Bing Videos, Stocks, Movies, Games, Maps and more.
12. There’s also an options section where you can change alerts, add or remove features, and manage other settings.
If you’re a fan of Internet Explorer and the Bing Bar, you’ll really like this new streamlined version. It works with IE 7 and above, but seems to integrate best with the IE 9 minimal interface.

[via simplehelp ]

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