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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

history of iPhone and more......

iPhone one of the most advanced phones. But do you know how it evolved????
may be no so here's everything you want to know about the history where it all started:-

As we know everything in Apple Inc. starts with Steve Jobs and iPhone was no different.

In April 2003, Steve Jobs expressed his views about cellular phones becoming the most popular.At this time Apple was more concerned about making iPod and iTunes( the software with which iPod can synchronize).

In September 2005, the first phone was released which was the joint production of the Apple and Motorola.

In January 2007, Jobs announced the iPhone at the Macworld convention and in the same year in June Jobs announced that the iPhone will support third party softwares by using Opera.

And finally on June 29, 2007, Apple released version 7.3 of iTunes to coincide with the release of the iPhone.This release contains support for iPhone service activation and syncing that is this version of iTunes verified that the iPhone was registered by Apple and verified that the user was using only the allowed carriers and also synchronizing all the stuff like music, contacts and much more from PC to the iPhone.

Since then Apple has not turned back and neither has looked back.

Apple has released various editions of iPhone and they are

a) iPhone (8GB and 16GB)
b) iPhone 3G (8GB and 16 GB)
c) iPhone 3GS (16GB and 32 GB)
d) iPhone 4 (16GB and 32 GB)

iPhone 4 being the latest version is in news these days but iPhone 3GS is not far behind in the race of being a good phone.Lower models lag behind in the race because of the memory issues and also the speed and performance issues. for instance installing ios 4.3( the newest and the most advanced OS by apple containing apple A5 processor) on iPhone 3G will make it lag behind in performance. But on iPhone 3Gs and 4 the iOS will work better and faster on 32 GB memory phones as the previous versions donot have the same release......

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