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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hacking Is Not A Crime!!!!

"Hacking" is the word that shakes everyone whenever it is said or heard by someone. Everyone born in this world with attitude wants to be a Hacker. But it is not a job of a new born baby or an old grown lady. A Hacker needs a brilliant mind to hack anything. His skills should be so powerful that no other hacker can hack him.

A Hacker doesn't need a software to hack. There are many rules that he should learn to become an Ethical Hacker. These rules include knowledge of HTML, JavaScripts, Computer Tricks, Cracking & Breaking and many more. So, don't fool around anyone saying that "I am a Hacker!".


  1. really this website is created so much awareness to people who want to learn hacking and thanks to all developer of website to write such a nice post ..