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Friday, March 18, 2011

Use Mouse as Keyboard and Keyboard as Mouse

Windows XP gives you the option to work without mouse (with keyboard only) OR without Keyboard (using mouse only). This technique is useful when your mouse is not working or your keyboard is not working.

Work Without Mouse
Press ALT+Shift+Num Lock
You will hear a beep and then you can see windows asking for using MouseKeys. Click OK. You will see mouse like tray icon if it is crossed like this Use Mouse as Keyboard & Keyboard as Mouse then press Num Lock again. Now use the Numeric Keypad to move cursor around.
8 key for Up, 2 for down, 4 for left, 6 for right
When you want to use the Left click of mouse Press 5. For right click you can use this key on the keyboard.

The cursor moves very slow but you can speed it up. By pressing ALT+Shift+Num Lock you will see a dialogue click on setting again click settings, and then select hold down Ctrl to speed up and Shift slow down. Now when you want to move cursor then hold Ctrl and then press any key to move the cursor through numeric keypad. It will speed up now.

Work Without Keyboard
You can work with mouse click without keyboard.
Start -> RUN
Type osk
Hit Enter


You will see this keyboard called On-Screen Keyboard. To use any key, Click on any key. Usually this utility is made for mobility impaired users. But you use it if any of your key is not working at a moment.

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