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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nokia Mobile Phone Secret Codes

Here are some the coolest & useful secret codes for your Nokia mobile  phone, Ever wonder what code to use if you want to save the battery? What code to use to enhance a Weak signal? When was your phone manufactured?
Well here are the answers, A set of Nokia Mobile Secret codes that work with almost all the nokia phones, However use at your own discretion, We take absolutely no responsibilty, Since only a few codes worked with one of my phones, While on the other all of them worked.

Secret Nokia Cell Phone Unlock Codes

*#06# :
Opens up a new window showing the IMEI Number International Mobile Equipment Identity(Also Works with other phones)
*#7780# :
Resets The Factory Settings
Clears LCD displays (Operator Logos)

*#0000# :
Shows Software version of your nokia mobile phone.
*#2820# :
Gives Your Bluetooth Device Address
*#746025625# :
Sim Clock Allowed Status
#pw+1234567890+1# :
Indicates if the sim has any restrictions
*#92702689# :
THis opens A secret menu which eventually will display information like
Serial Number Of the Device & OR the IMEI number
Month & Manufacturing Year
Date Of Phone Purchase(If the Seller entered it while selling)
Repairing Dates (If Any)
Life timer of your nokia device
(EFR) Enhances Full Rate Codec Activation. Increase Signal Strength, Better Signal Reception.It also helps if u want to use GPRS & signal strength is not that great.However your phone battery may get drained very fast.
(EFR) Deactivation, Though the battery life will improve by 30% or more
*#4720# – Half Rate Codec activation.
*#4720* – Half Rate Codec deactivation. The phone will automatically restart
If you ever forget your Wallet code,this will reset the wallet code for your mobile, Though the contents of the wallet may get deleted
This is the default Lock Code for all nokia devices.
Deletes the content & Code of the wallet.
Press and hold “0″ on the main screen to open wap browser.
Unlock service provider: Insert sim, turn phone on and press vol up(arrow keys) for 3 seconds, should say pin code. Press C,then press * message should flash, press * again and 04*pin*pin*pin#
Reset The Nokia Security Code For your mobile, 12345 will be the new default security code
Change closed caller group (settings >security settings>user groups) to 00000 and your phone will sound the message tone when you are near a radar speed trap. Setting it to 500 will cause your phone 2 set off security alarms at shop exitss! (works with some of the Nokia phones.)