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Thursday, March 10, 2011

How To Create Google Chrome Themes Skins Templates

1. Download and install Google Chrome
2. Download and install Resource Hacker
3. Open Resource hacker and goto > file > open,
4. XP : Navigate to [LOCAL DRIVE LETTER]:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\\Themes\VISTA : [LOCAL DRIVE LETTER]:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\\Themes\
5. Within that directory there should be “default.dll” -> Open it with Resource Hacker
6. Right Click on BINDATA and click “Save [BINDATA] Resources
7. Make a new folder on your desktop called “BINDATA” and save the file as “1.txt”
8. You should now have a directory called “BINDATA” on your desktop
- Opening it should reveal many files.
9. DELETE “1.txt” within that directory. You should still be left with many files.
10. Open up Command Prompt – START>>RUN>>”CMD”
11. Navigate to the “BINDATA” Directory
- To go up a directory in CMD type “cd..”
- To access a directory type “cd [directory name]”
- So when I opened CMD I typed in the following:
- cd “c:\documents and settings\**MY USERNAME**\desktop\BINDATA”
12. Once you have navigated to the BINDATA folder which you created, type in “ren *.bin *.png”
13. If you open up the BINDATA folder you should find a tonne of PNG files all making up the Chrome GUI.
14. You need to go through and open the ones you want to change. If you don’t have Photoshop/fireworks or some other photo/image editing application then download GIMP  or GIMPshop
15. Once you have edited all the files you want to open up Resource Hacker again!
16. In the directory tree, open up BINDATA > 9000 > Now Right click on 1033 and click Replace Resource
- In the dialog box, click “open file with new resource”
- Navigate to your BINDATA folder
- All the PNG files in this folder should be named numerically (e.g. DATA_1, DATA_2 etc.)
- Select the first PNG (probably “DATA_1.png” and click open.
- There should now be three empty text input boxes
- in “RESOURCE NAME” enter “9000″ (or whichever directory you’re within) (If you are replacing the resource under “9001″ then enter “9001″ here etc. etc.)
- in “RESOURCE LANGUAGE” enter “1033″
17. Repeat step 17 for every single resource under BINDATA. (VERY TEDIOUS)
- Remember to change “RESOURCE NAME” each time you do this, second time it will be “9001″, then “9002″… etc….
18. The numbers within your BINDATA folder (on your desktop) may NOT correspond to the resource names under BINDATA in resource hacker, so don’t worry about that – you’ll have to progressively work your way through the resources.
19. WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED in Resource hacker go > file > save – NOW RESTART CHROME!

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