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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to trace and spy your friends mobile phone live for free ?????

Yes Guys, this is now possible, I’m not joking. Many of us think that this is not possible or we have to spend some money for such services but believe me that we don’t have to spend any money for getting this done. Yes, PhoneOnMap makes it possible. It’s a service that provides a free application that has to be installed in GPS cell phone and you are ready to track the phone from anywhere on the Internet.

This application can be useful for office work as well as family members. You can track your child as well as your girlfriend/wife too, LOL. This PhoneOnMap can be used worldwide and you can use it while traveling too. The data is stored on the company’s server for a period of one month. This can be an invaluable source for sales and marketing department of an organization to track the marketing agents.

If you are worried about the security and privacy of the service, let me tell that it is very secure and your cell phone can not be monitored by any Unauthorized User as in order to access the tracking system, you have to authenticate yourself through a personal code which was used as identification while installing application on cell phone.

Features of GPS cell phone tracking system:

  1. GPS cell phone tracker and locater will not work in the underground transportation.
  2. The application does not work when the phone is turned off.
  3. The data transmission outside provider’s coverage area will add roaming charges like any other phone service charge us.
  4. Once application is uninstalled from cell phone than you can’t do anything.
  5. On internet tracking system will show cell phone location between every 10 seconds to 10 minutes, which is depend on setting.

According to me this kind of service is very important for parents to track their children and from a business usage point of view an invaluable part of companies involved in supply and delivery system like Currier and Home delivery system. This will help them to get a real-time location of the object and provide an accurate time-frame for the delivery.

As of now this service does not provide the exact pin point location but the location determined s in the range of 10-20 meters. However with little intelligence the exact location can be easily determined especially when you wish to track your children or the cheating girlfriend ;)

How to Trace Mobile Number ????????

With the rapid growth of mobile phone usage in recent years, we have often observed that the mobile phone has become a part of many illegal and criminal activities. So in most cases, tracing the mobile number becomes a vital part of the investigation process. Also sometimes we just want to trace a mobile number for reasons like annoying prank calls, blackmails, unknown number in a missed call list or similar.
Even though it is not possible to trace the number back to the caller, it is possible to trace it to the location of the caller and also find the network operator. Just have a look at this page on tracing Indian mobile numbers from Wikipedia. Using the information provided on this page, it is possible to certainly trace any mobile number from India and find out the location (state/city) and network operator (mobile operator) of the caller. All you need for this is only the first 4-digit of the mobile number. In this Wiki page you will find all the mobile number series listed in a nice tabular column where they are categorized based on mobile operator and the zone (state/city). This Wiki page is updated regularly so as to provide up-to-date information on newly added mobile number series and operators. I have used this page many a time and have never been disappointed.
If you would like to use a simpler interface where in you can just enter the target mobile number and trace the desired details, you can try this link from Numbering Plans. Using this link, you can trace any number in the world.
By using the information in this article, you can only know “where” the call is from and not “who” the caller is. Only the mobile operator is able to tell you ”who” the caller is. So if you’re in an emergency and need to find out the actual person behind the call, I would recommend that you file a complaint and take the help of police. I hope this information has helped you!

Bold and underlined text on Facebook Chat...!!!!!!!!!

Check out facebook codes for bold and underlined text in facebook chat.
For Bold Text
  • type your words between * *(two stars ) will automatically turns into bold.
  • Example : You write
    I *love* you
    will turns to
    I love you
For underlined Text
  • type between _ _(two underscores) will automatically turns into underlined text
  • Example:
I really _love_ you.
Turns to
I really love you
For writing Bold+Underline
  • Whatever you type between *_ _* will automatically turns into Bold+Underline
  • Example:
You *_love_* me?
Turns to
You love me?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hack Facebook Account - USING FACEBOOK FREEZER

Today i thought to tell you a method to hack a facebook

account, This is not actually hacking facebook account

but preventing the victim to login into his facebook account.

Principle behind working:

Facebook has security feature in which after 25 or so logins the account is temporarily disabled,to enablethe account the account owner must reset his/her account.

Thus, even when victim tries to login his Facebook account using correct password, he is not able to login to his Facebook account, thus you can hack Facebook account thanks to Facebook Freezer.

This Facebook Freezer works cool on windows xp and windows vista (even supports earlier version of windows).

Hack Facebook account - Facebook freezer

1.Download Facebook freezerto hack facebook account.

2.Now extract the files into a folder

3.Now, run FacebookFreezer.exe file to get this:

Hack Facebook account by Facebook Freezer

4.Simply enter email id of victim whose you wanna hack Facebook account using Facebook freezer and hit “Freeze”.

5.That’s it. You will now be able to hack Facebook account using this Facebook freezer. This freezing will continue until you hit “Stop Freezing”.

This will not hack facebook account for you but it will prevent the victim to login into his/her account.

How to recover/Hack Windows XP password Using Cain & Abel.......

Cryptography Decrypted

In Your Windows XP, 7, VISTA, NT or 2000 system there is a file which store your system password. this file is sam(system account manager) which store all your account information (i.e., user name, password and user setting) and because password can’t be saved as it is in a file because it can be hacked easily therefore Windows encrypt this password using a key(this key is stored in System file).
Both System and SAM file is stored at the same location i.e.,


so to recover password we need both these file but because these file are locked so we can not use these file from window so we need other operating system to copy both these files let’s say linux(because we can see windows drive in linux so you can go to above location and copy both sam and system file). if you don’t have linux it’s fine windows store these file in other location also i.e.,


which Windows does not use so we can copy both files from this directory(but these file are created at the time of disk repair so there are chances that you may not get new password, if you changed your password recently)
How to use “Cain & Abel” To Recover Windows XP Password?

  1. Copy Both System & SAM file from any of the above location.
  2. Download Cain & Abel from here and install it on your System.(antivirus might alert you, but don’t worry)
  3. Now open Cain & Abel and go to “Cracker” tab
  4. Now click “+” sign as shown in the figure below.
  5. Now a dialog will appear as shown in the figure above browse to sam file in first fieldand copy past the hex key by browsing to system file
  6. Now You will see a list of user of the system as shown below.
  7. Suppose among the user in the above list i wanted to recover password of “mac” user name then right click on mac> Brute Force Attack > LM Hashes. now you will see window similar to below image.
  8. Now set your preference in the last window and click start the attack. after it successfully finished performing password recovery it will show you password like in the image below.

Sitemeter Hack – Hide Visual Tracker (Counter)

Sitemeter, one of the best traffic counter for websites/blogs, it shows online users, Referrals (From where people coming to your site), country locations, browser etc etc.. all in detail.
This counter is visible to all visitors.
Invisible Counters (Tracker) is available for Premium Accounts Only…!
But you can easily hack to hide it.
Its just few setting changes which will work fine.
1) Login into your sitemeter account.
2) Go to ‘Manager’ from top menu.
3) Go to ‘Meter Style’ option from left hand menu.
4) Select 2nd last meter style (Counter, which shows simple numbers).previewmeter
5) Now in “DIGIT COLOR” select ‘Transparent’, Similarly in “BACKGROUND COLOR” select ‘Transparent’.
6) DONE.
Now your sitemeter counter is invisible from normal eyes in your site
Place it anywhere in your website/blog, and track your traffic, users.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to block a website ????

Some times it becomes necessary to block a website on our Computers for one or other reason. You can easily and effectivily block access to a website by adding it to your Windows HOSTS file. Once the website is blocked in the HOSTS file, it will not appear in any of the browsers. That is, the website becomes completely unavailable.

1. Go to your HOSTS file which is located at:

C:\WINDOWS for Windows 98 and ME

2. Open HOSTS with Notepad.

The default Windows HOSTS looks like this:

# Copyright © 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
# space.
# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
# lines or following the machine name denoted by a “#” symbol.
# For example:
# # source server
# # x client host
# localhost

3. Directly under the line that says Localhost, you will want to type: name of the URL you want to block

For example to block the website, simply type:

Other parts of MySpace could be blocked in a similar way:
etc etc etc…

It is necessary to add a website with and without the “www.”. You can add any number of websites to this list.

4. Close Notepad and answer “Yes” when prompted.

5. After blocking the website, test it in any of the browser. If every thing is done as said above,the website must not appear in any of the web browsers. You should see a Cannot find server or DNS Error saying: “The page cannot be displayed”. I have also created a virus to block a website which automatically blocks a list of websites as specified in the source program.

Some people suggest that your add a website to the Internet Explorer ‘Privacy’ settings. This does not block a site. It only stops that site from using cookies.

Multitasking in cydia...... Manual trick

Since today multitasking in cydia is not on for anyone but for iOS 4.x the people can enable multitasking in cydia.....

Here's what u'll need
  1. ifile on iPhone or any idevice.
  2. cydia ( obviously jailbroken device ).
now from ifile follow these instructions

go to / directory and then enter Applications from there.
now find the folder and find the file info.plist open with text viewer and then edit it
go to the bottom of it and find the code like this

this option will be true initially 

change this code to false

this is what u have to do this is ifile in which i am :-


 u r done and enjoy multitasking in cydia where u donot have to load everytime :)

Speed Up Detailed View in Explorer

If you like to view your files in Windows Explorer using the "Details" view here is a

tweak to speed up the listing of file attributes:

Viewing files in Windows Explorer using the "Details" mode shows various attributes

associated with each file shown. Some of these must be retrieved from the individual

files when you click on the directory for viewing. For a directory with numerous and

relatively large files (such as a folder in which one stores media, eg: *.mp3's, *.avi's

etc.), Windows Explorer lags as it reads through each one. Here's how to disable viewing

of unwanted attributes and speed up file browsing:

· Open Windows Explorer.

· Navigate to the folder which you wish to optimize.

· In "Details" mode right-click the bar at the top which displays the names of the

attribute columns.

· Uncheck any that are unwanted/unneeded.

Explorer will apply your preferences immediately, and longs lists of unnecessary

attributes will not be displayed.

Likewise, one may choose to display any information which is regarded as needed,

getting more out of Explorer.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flight Information now Direct in Google Search


We didn’t expect Google to rest on its laurels after finally ramming through the acquisition of flight software company ITA a few weeks back. Sure enough, flight information is now integrated into Google search results. This is a preliminary version of the feature which is not using ITA technology yet, but Google assures us that changes are coming.

When you search for a destination along with some trigger words that Google determines as travel oriented, the results will have flight information right at the top. You’ll see a list of the flight numbers and times, along with links to the airlines that run them. The search engine also understands three-letter airport codes if your city has more than one.

You’ll be able to search specific trips by using two city names, or just  search for ‘flights out of x’ to get a list of all non-stop flights leaving an location. These features are nice, but the ITA software is likely to make them considerably more useful. As it stands, the feature feels rather barebones. The change should be available to all users. Let us know if you care for it.

Find Music For Your Daily Run

Research has shown that listening to music can help you run longer, keep up a healthy pace and add a few numbers to your IQ as well. Putting that information to good use, is a web service that helps you find the right music to listen to on your daily jog or power walk. The service finds songs based on your pace (time to complete a one km run) or based on your selected bpm (beats per minute).
This playlist creator lets you create a list of songs to listen to while you run, walk and cycle. Both running and walking lists are created by entering your per kilometer time (the time it takes to complete a km run/walk) while cycling lists are created from your rotations per minute. You can play the songs directly from (which uses Grooveshark). Songs can be downloaded from iTunes or AmazonMP3.
Multiple lists can be created for running, walking or cycling for varying paces. The service also let you create routes using Google Maps by placing start and end markers. You can save multiple routes to your account. gives you access to playlists made by a community of runners, walkers and cyclists. You can create your own lists or benefit from the selection of others.

Download & Print Wikipedia Articles In PDF

Majority of the internet users prefer eBooks over printed books and that also saves some paper! Now we are going to see how we can make Wikipedia Articles as PDF files without much fuss.

We are going to use Wikipedia’s own tool – Book Creator to do this. With the book creator you can create a book containing wiki pages of your choice. You can export the book in different formats (for example PDF or ODF) or order a printed copy.

1 - Now go to Book Creator and click the button “Start book creator”.
2 - Now search for the Wikipedia article you want to download as PDF. For example, I searched “Mark Zuckerberg”.
3 – Now choose the option “Add this page to your book” in the Book Creator box. After adding, choose the option “Show book”.

Wikipedia - Add to book

4 – Now you have two choices, you can order as a printed book (you need to pay for this) or download as PDF for free. Choose the Format as “PDF” and click the button ‘Download’.

Wikipedia - Download Articles

Now you have to wait while the document is being generated. This page should automatically refresh every few seconds. If this does not work, please press your browser’s refresh button.

Wikipedia - rendering

After rendering, you will have the option to download the file option.

Wikipedia Articles PDF

You can also use tools like WikiPDF for downloading articles as PDF.

Now enjoy your desired Wikipedia articles offline in eBook readers.!

How To Speed Up Xp Vista Win 7 with Page Indexing

Page indexing is a utility in windows xp which is default in all windows operating system used for indexing the pages in the drives. What Exactly i mean is that when ever we load a windows there is a built in option called page indexing which is used for searching the pages instantly. Search indexing scans through all files and folders in windows xp & maintains a record about them which is not useful for some of us who don’t check our missing files in the drive daily.
Indexing just makes a faster search of the drive but slows down some resources of the operating system. Better to disable the page indexing option in the windows to make a faster and reliable system.Following are the steps to be followed in various operating system to disable the Page indexing.

Steps to disable page indexing in Windows Xp:

1) Open My Computer.
2) Right click on the Drive (Basically C drive) and select Properties and go to General.
3) You can a see a highlighted box down “Allow Indexing Service…..” now uncheck it and click on apply.
4) You will be asked whether to apply to subfolders or not. Click on yes and then ok.
5) Wait until it finishes the process. Normally it takes some times so be patient and some times notes u as a fail and will give a ignore or cancel option. You can just click on ignore all.
6) You can the above screenshot which is marked with a red circle.
7) Apply for all the drives which are available in your harddisk.

8) This will improve the speed of the windows xp.

Steps to disable page indexing in Windows Vista:

1) You can completely disable the indexing options you can do it disable the entire service.
2) Go to Run and type services.msc and find “Windows Search” and open by double clicking it.
3) A New Windows search popup box will load onto the screen and there you can a see Startup type in the general tab change it disabled and Services status to stop. This will stop the service. Check the below screenshot.
4) Now windows vista search indexing is stopped. You can also follow the windows xp steps here in vista too.

Steps to disable page indexing in Windows 7:

1) Follow the same steps as given in windows vista above :)

Top 15 Best Free Antivirus For Windows 7

Now a days we see a lot of people are searching for a good antivirus. No wonder people are searching are the antivirus software’s, but the thing is they want a consistent and a free antivirus which updates regularly and catches new viruses as soon as they try to enter your system. The moment we talk about the antivirus,we will say go for either Kaspersky, BitDefender, Norton, ESET NOD 32 and etc. But all these antivirus software’s are a bit expensive. So how to protect your data with our buying a antivirus software? No problem at all.i have a list of free antivirus softwares which run for both Windows 7 and Windows Xp. These free antiviruses are not only free but also very consistent and worthy to use. Here goes the list

I would say Microsoft Security Essentials is the most simple and easiest way to protect your computer. The main advantage of this antivirus software is, its completely free and its interface is really very easy and user friendly. The only thing you have to remember is that your Windows Operation system which you are using must be a genuine one. If you have a genuine Windows Operating system, Microsoft Security Essentials will automatically updates and installs new items daily. If not you have to try your luck with other antivirus or atleast get a new genuine Windows key.Microsoft Security Essentials can guard your system from various viruses, malicious softwares and spywares. You can always check out the official website for latest info. Click here
You can download the software here for free of cost : Download

This free antivirus is really worth to give it a try.Panda Cloud Antivirus actually is very useful for scanning and finding viruses in your computer. Its unique interface is really easy to work and more consistent than any other. This antivirus comes from the very famous Cloud Antivirus Security. You can deactivate many unwanted process operations running behind your computer and make a quick background scan. When installed, the antivirus will first try to connect to there Panda Labs Collective Intelligence servers and protects your computer from viruses and malicious softwares. You can always visit there official homepage for latest info : Click here

You can download the Panda Cloud Antivirus software from here : Download
Avast is really a great way of protecting your computer from viruses. I would say there New Internet Security software is pretty impressive. But while coming to the Avast Free Antivirus its really gives maximum protection to your computer for home machines.Though it is not quite impressive with the Online shopping and bank account safety, Doesn’t really stop hackers to harm your computer automatically. And also quite unsatisfactory with the SPAM messages and mails. But you can find all of this features available in Pro and Internet Security. Avast Free Antivirus best part is that it will automatically update when there is a new update available. You can visit the official home page for more info : Click here

You can download the Avast Free Antivirus software from here : Download
4) AVG Free Antivirus :
AVG antivirus was really a great software when they launched its service as a free antivirus. The updates are really easily to download and very consistent. There was a false information about the software that it will automatically creates a virus application system in ones computer after 3months and will cause the whole system to crash. This is just a bad rumor about the software. They took this as a challenge and released a new interface which is very impressive and very consistent.Since the software was very famous from past years, it got many users who trust the software. The AVG Free Antivirus is really very very simple to install and use. All you have to do is to download the software and install it. AVG Free Antivirus also a upgraded version which acts similar to the Free AVG Antivirus Software. So its not that necessary to buy it. You can visit there official page for more info : Click here
You can download the AVG Free Antivirus from here : Download
5) Avira AntiVir Personal :
Our last free antivirus is Avira AntiVir Personal which is really the simplest antivirus in the market. The simple user interface is easy to understand. Avira AntiVir Personal is very good in detecting root kit threats and other viruses. One of the most important feature of Avira AntiVir Personal is that it can find the malware very easily. People say that Avira AntiVir Personal is not good at finding the false and virus emails in our system, which is completely a false imagination. You can visit there officail home page for more info : Click here

Download the Avira AntiVir Personal free antivirus from here : Download
This is our personal list of Top 5 Free antivirus softwares. We have a lot of other free antivirus which are very consistent and efficient when compared to above 5. But as we all know, Brand matters all the time. To build trust in ones heart , the antivirus software must be free atleast for 3months and very consistent in upgrading the latest viruses and malwares. Apart from these above software we still have a lot of free antivirus. I will make a list of other 10 trusted antivirus softwares below. Please check them out.
Free Antivirus Softwares :
  1. Free AntiVirus (12.70 MB)
  2. My Free Antivirus ( 21.70MB)
  3. Kingsoft Free Antivirus (18.23MB)
  4. Gen Federico Free AntiVirus (12.70MB)
  5. Xyvos Free Antivirus (2.2MB)
  6. Rising Antivirus Free Edition (89.02MB)
  7. eScan Anti Virus & Spyware Toolkit Utility (120 MB)
  8. ClamWin Free Antivirus (36.17 MB)
  9. Comodo Firewall + Antivirus (75.33MB)
  10. GetGo Download Manager (5.06 MB)

Stored User Names and Passwords from of your system ..!!

RUN Control keymgr.dll  .....!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Protect Yourself When Banking Online

Millions of Americans bank online, which can be as safe as it is convenient when the right security measures are in place. An estimated 98 million Americans bank online, thanks to Web-based bill-paying, money transfers and other activities made possible by financial institutions and service providers. The convenience of completing these tasks at home helps simplify hectic schedules and provides customers with 24-hour account access.

Although financial institutions have security measures in place to protect their customers, cybercriminals have devised ways to circumvent some of these security devices. One tactic is to attack a bank customer's computer with a technique called keystroke logging (or just keylogging), which puts both your identity and your finances at risk.

Internet security firm Webroot reports that cybercriminals are churning out new variants of malware programs designed to log keystrokes at an increasing rate. One such program is called Zbot, which can activate while the owner of an infected PC is browsing a financial institution's Web site. In recent months, Webroot's Threat Research Lab has detected a steady increase in the incidents of Zbot.

The program - and others like it - can not only record what a person types, such as the bank account username and password, but can also steal the responses to "security questions" the bank might ask. Some versions of Zbot can take pictures of the screen whenever the bank customer clicks his mouse, which defeats even "soft" on-screen keyboards that some banks use specifically to thwart keyloggers.

"Online banking sites are tempting and potentially very lucrative channels for cybercriminals to target a great mass of people," said Mike Kronenberg, chief technology officer for Webroot's consumer security division. "We're seeing malware authors rapidly update their banking Trojan programs in an effort to avoid detection by Internet security solutions. This means consumers need to stay on top of protecting themselves online."

Kronenberg recommends three key steps for protecting your personal finances and your identity online:
  • Be Protected:
    Make sure you have a reputable antispyware and antivirus program installed on your computer. Be careful when doing searches for "free" antivirus software because the results are often decoys that have malicious programming built in to them.
  • Stay Protected:
    Suppress the urge to hit the ignore button when you get those pesky reminders asking if you would like to check for updates. By having the most up-to-date software for both your operating system (like Windows or Linux) and your antispyware and antivirus program, you get the highest level of security.
  • Diversity is key:
    Would you ever use the same key for your car, office and your home? Although it may seem simplest to just use the same password for all your online accounts, it is perhaps the riskiest thing you can do to open yourself up to identity theft. If just one of your accounts is hacked it opens the door for the thief to gain access to all of them.

Top 5 Anti-Malware Protection Tools

From firewalls to antivirus software to tools for combatting rootkits and spyware, here are some great downloads to protect your system against malicious attacks.


Check Point Software's ZoneAlarm may well be the most popular free firewall on the planet, and the most recent release (finally) protects Vista machines. Arguably, ZoneAlarm is the product that made everyone conscious of the need for firewall protection. It's extremely easy to use, and its method of configuring outbound protection is particularly useful. Whenever a program tries to make an outbound Internet connection, ZoneAlarm announces it with a pop-up alert. You can then permit or disallow the connection, on a one-time basis or permanently. Configuring your level of protection is a simple matter of moving a few sliders. Though the free version of the software is exclusively a firewall, Check Point also offers for-pay security suites. But if all you're looking for is a firewall, stick with the free version.

Comodo Firewall Pro

ZoneAlarm is extremely popular, but that doesn't automatically make it the best free firewall you can find. One formidable contender is Comodo Firewall Pro, which independent testing site Matousec rated as the top firewall. Matousec found that Comodo offered the highest level of antileak protection, one measure of a firewall's effectiveness. Comodo offers true two-way firewall protection, is highly configurable, and (unlike most other firewalls) provides a great view of your system and your Internet connection.


Tired of dealing with bloated, overpriced security suites that bog down your system and cost an arm and a leg, when all you want is antivirus software? Then get Avast, a superb antivirus program that's free for home and personal use. Because it's a lean piece of software, it imposes a relatively light burden on system resources and RAM. Despite this, it kills viruses in their tracks and has plenty of extras, including live scanning to prevent viruses from infecting your PC in the first place. Avast can scan regular and Web-based e-mail for viruses, too, and it protects against instant messaging viruses, peer-to-peer dangers and more.

AVG Anti-Rootkit

One of the most feared types of malware is the rootkit -- malicious software that many types of antimalware can't detect. Not uncommonly, bad guys use rootkits to hide Trojan horses, which can then be used to take over your PC without your knowledge. AVG Anti-Rootkit's sole purpose is to find and kill rootkits. Run it and it scans your PC, sniffing rootkits out and removing any it finds. (Note that this utility doesn't work with Windows Vista.)

Spyware Blaster

Some of the nastiest kinds of spyware -- autodialers, home page hijackers, and others--install themselves as ActiveX controls. Spyware Blaster protects you against them, blocking the installation of ActiveX-based malware and other types of spyware, and eradicating tracking cookies that might otherwise invade your privacy. The program works with Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer, and it prevents your browser from being diverted to dangerous sites. One particularly nice touch is the utility's System Snapshot, which (as you'd expect) takes a snapshot of your PC; if your computer gets infected later on, you can revert to the clean version.

Very Slow Boot When Networking ???

On some XP Pro installations, when connected to a network (peer-peer in this case),

the computer boot time is over 1:40. The system seems to freeze after logging in and the

desktop may not appear or will freeze for a minute. As timed with the utility,

Bootvis.exe, the problem was with the driver mrxsmb.dll, adding over 67 seconds to the

boot time. Turning off and restoring file and printer sharing eliminated 65 seconds from

the boot time.

· Alt-click (or right-click) on Network Places > Properties.

· Alt-click on Ethernet Adapter connection > Properties.

· Un-check "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" > OK.

· Reboot.

· If you need file or printer sharing, repeat the above, re-check the box and re-boot


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Set Processes Priority

Follow this tip to increase the priority of active processes, this will result in prioritisation of processes using the CPU.


1.Go to the second tab called Processes, right click on one of the active processes, you will see the Set Priority option

2.For example, your Run your CDwriter program , set the priority higher, and guess what, no crashed CD’s

Fake Mailer: How to send Anonymous Email

As we all know, Phishing is one of the most useful and simple methods for hacking email accounts. While phishing anyone's email account, you need to send the victim an email containing the link to your phisher page. The victim will click on this link only if he finds the mail genuine. So, we can use Fake mailer to make this mail appear genuine.
How to send anonymous email ?
In the below post, I have posted a Fake Mailer which is useful to send anonymous email to your victim.

Fake Mailer to send anonymous Email:

1. Go to Fake Mailer website to send anonymous email.

2. Now, enter the information as shown:

From Name: The Sender name which will appear on Email
From Email: The sender Email address
To: Victim email address
Subject: Subject of the Email
Content-type: Select text/html
Text: The content of your mail. Put something which will make your victim to click on your phisher link.

3. Now, enter captcha and hit on Send.

4. Here is an example of fake mail

So friends, I guess this Fake Mailer is pretty easy to use and also very handy to send anonymous email to your friend or victim. If you find any problem in using this  Fake Mailer to send anonymous email, please mention it in comments.

How to Restore data backup in windows XP?

First click on Start button to open "Run" and type "ntbackup" then press Ok button to run the backup or restore wizard.
The Backup or Restore Wizard will appear, click Next to continue.
Here select "Restore files and settings" check box and click Next button.

Now choose "What to restore", select item to restore then click Next button.
Click Finish button for restore.
For restore on different location click "Advanced" button.
Here select the location for restore (Original location, Alternate location and Single folder) and click Next.

Now specify" How to Restore" and click Next button.
Select the advance options for restore then click Next button to finish the process.

How to create data backup in windows XP?

This utility program is used to make the backup of the selected files, folders and entire hard disk on zip disk, floppy disk or CD-R. This backup utility program also compresses the files so that the size of backup files can be reduced. It is a good practice to make the backup of your important data. Your important data may be corrupted due to the attack of virus or problem may occur in the hard disk due to any reason. This backed up data may be restored on the same hard disk or other hard disk as and when required. The restore program is used to restore the backup data.

Perform the following steps to run the backup and restore process:

First click on Start button to open "Run" and type "ntbackup" then press Ok button to run the backup or restore wizard.

The Backup or Restore Wizard will appear, click Next button to continue.

Here select "Back up files and settings" check box and click Next button.

Now you can specify the option, select "Let me choose what to backup" option and click Next button.

Select the items (any file, folder and drive) to be backup and click Next button.

Now give the destination for backup file and type a name for this backup and click Next.

In next windows, you can select the backup types (Normal, Copy, Incremental, Differential, and daily), click advance button otherwise click to Finish.

For Advanced settings, select the backup type and click Next button.

Now specify" How to Backup" (compression, verification and shadow copy option) and click Next button.

Now select backup options (Append to existing backups, Replace the existing backups), click Next.

Now you can scheduled the backup mean when to backup (start backup now or schedule for later).

Click Finish button to start backup process.