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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sitemeter Hack – Hide Visual Tracker (Counter)

Sitemeter, one of the best traffic counter for websites/blogs, it shows online users, Referrals (From where people coming to your site), country locations, browser etc etc.. all in detail.
This counter is visible to all visitors.
Invisible Counters (Tracker) is available for Premium Accounts Only…!
But you can easily hack to hide it.
Its just few setting changes which will work fine.
1) Login into your sitemeter account.
2) Go to ‘Manager’ from top menu.
3) Go to ‘Meter Style’ option from left hand menu.
4) Select 2nd last meter style (Counter, which shows simple numbers).previewmeter
5) Now in “DIGIT COLOR” select ‘Transparent’, Similarly in “BACKGROUND COLOR” select ‘Transparent’.
6) DONE.
Now your sitemeter counter is invisible from normal eyes in your site
Place it anywhere in your website/blog, and track your traffic, users.

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  1. I think there's another way less specific to hide any element on a page. Just set a particular class to your element and make the css style to transparent for back/foreground ...