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Monday, May 2, 2011

Fixes For Windows PC Errors

Fast Fixes For Windows PC Errors

Computer errors have an uncanny way of appearing when you are least expecting it. To say the least, computer errors are annoying, and they significantly disrupt your work – a deterrent to your efficiency and productivity. Contrary to the popular belief, most Windows PC errors, such as error 1603, are fairly easy to resolve.

In this article we will learn a few fast fixes for Windows PC Errors:

Run a Malware scan

The majority of computer errors are caused by malware. If you are receiving recurring error messages or your computer has suddenly started behaving erratically, chances are your PC is infected. Run a malware scan on your entire computer using advanced and robust antivirus tools, and delete any malware programs found.

To ensure your computer’s security is never breached again, regularly update your protective tool with the latest malware definitions and schedule regular malware scans.

Download the latest Windows updates
The error message that you are facing could be a known Windows issue and may have been addressed in the latest Windows updates, or Microsoft might have released a hotfix for the issue.

Download the latest Windows updates, security patches, or hotfixes intended for your version of Windows. While you are at it, also make sure that you are using the latest drivers and that all your software are up-to-date.

Outdated drivers or software files may also cause various errors and an easy fix for such errors is to update the outdated files. To ensure your drivers are automatically updated, you may install a reliable third-party driver scanner tool.

Uninstall and reinstall the software
This is a useful tip, one that allows you to fix various application related errors, such as EXE or DLL errors.

A lot of application-related errors occur when the one or more application files are missing, corrupt, or damaged. The majority of PC errors occur due to any of these reasons, and can be fixed by reinstalling the application.

Download the missing file from the Internet
If you are receiving an error message that a file is missing from your computer, then you can fix the error by downloading the missing file from the Internet. For instance, to fix the missing msvcr71.dll error, perform a msvcr71.dll download and save the new copy of the file in your system folder.

Perform a registry scan

The importance of a clean registry for the smooth functioning of a Windows computer cannot be emphasized enough. An unclean or damaged registry not only causes your system performance to drop significantly, but may also cause random error messages to appear on your screen.

Run a registry scan using a reliable registry cleaner to flush out unnecessary and incorrect information from your Windows registry.In the end, make use of the above five-step strategy to successfully troubleshoot common Windows PC errors on your own.

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