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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Multitasking in cydia...... Manual trick

Since today multitasking in cydia is not on for anyone but for iOS 4.x the people can enable multitasking in cydia.....

Here's what u'll need
  1. ifile on iPhone or any idevice.
  2. cydia ( obviously jailbroken device ).
now from ifile follow these instructions

go to / directory and then enter Applications from there.
now find the folder and find the file info.plist open with text viewer and then edit it
go to the bottom of it and find the code like this

this option will be true initially 

change this code to false

this is what u have to do this is ifile in which i am :-


 u r done and enjoy multitasking in cydia where u donot have to load everytime :)

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