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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to increase your system performance?

  • Window Disk Cleanup is very useful tool to increase the performance of your system. You can increase also the free space on the hard disk, because Disk Cleanup utility searches many unnecessary programs and files on your hard drive that you can delete. This tool perform many useful tasks to cleanup your hard disk. For example
Delete the temporary internet files
Delete the old windows programs that you are not using.
Delete all temp Downloaded Program files
Delete Office Setup files
Delete Old Chkdsk file
Delete the Recycle Bin items
Delete all Setup log files
Delete the windows temporary files
Delete the Web Client or Publisher Temporary files.
Delete all Catalog file for the content indexer
You can remove the optional windows components that you are not using.

To run the Disk cleanup utility follows the given steps:
Click on Start button, Programs, go to Accessories, and go to System Tools and then click on Disk Cleanup.

Now a window popup will appear to select the hard disk partition with option "Select the drive you want to clean up" for example C, D drive, but you can choose partition one by one for scanning.

Now Disk Cleanup will takes some time to access your system then open a window to show "You can use Disk Cleanup to free up to 112,151 of disk space on drive C" (in this case) available after deleting temporary files. On this window a button "View files" is used to check the detail of the files that you are going to delete.

If you scroll down with in that window, you will get many options to choose, select the all options to clean your system in detail, and then click OK to continue.
On the same window another tab is available with the name "More Options".
Under the more options tab, there are three clean up buttons to clean "Window Components, Installed Programs and System Restore" , select any one of them and press OK to run it.

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