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Monday, May 2, 2011

Upload Photos & Videos To Facebook From Ubuntu Desktop

Linux has often suffered from periodic changes of cloud based website environments, such as Facebook, which has caused conflicts with Linux based operating systems. For example, Facebook native photo uploader often fails to upload images with Ubuntu. Facebook’s ever-changing API creates even more problems, as it renders Ubuntu based uploading tools obsolete and dysfunctional. A solution to this problem can be to use Starry Hope Uploader. However, despite being a good app for uploading photos to Facebook, it does not provide the option to upload videos. Nautilus Facebook Uploader is a desktop application which allows uploading both photos and videos to Facebook, creating albums and enables setting an auto-upload time. Before you can upload photos or videos to Facebook, you will require authorizing the Nautilus Facebook Uploader application to access your Facebook profile.


To create an album, click the Add button and choose an album name.
After that you can select the pictures to add to this album from the Upload button. To preview the selected images, click on the album path visible in the Confirm Pictures window. You can also directly use the Upload option for uploading videos to your Facebook profile. Click OK to begin uploading your picture(s) or video(s) to Facebook.

This will start uploading your selected files to Facebook and display a progress bar showing the ETA (estimated time) remaining for the completion of the upload process.
You can also select a custom time for uploading the photos or videos from the Upload menu. This way, the selected files will be uploaded after a set period of time e.g. 5, 15, 30, minutes, 1 hour or a custom time.

Upload delay
After the uploading process is complete, you will be informed of the successful completion of the uploading process.

You can click OK to be redirected to your Facebook profile to view your uploaded files on Facebook.
You can get the Nautilus Facebook Uploader .deb package from the developers link below and install it via the Ubuntu Software Center after launching the .deb file.

Download Nautilus Facebook Uploader

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