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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Hack Computer Via Netbus Trojan And How To Prevent To Get Hacked !

Today, I will tell you how to hack a remote computer Via NetBus Trojan.

> What is NetBus?

NetBus is software (Trojan) which is used to access any computer on the internet
. This Trojan consists of two pasts Server & Client. You have to install Server part named PATCH on the victim's computer. Once you have installed PATCH on victim's PC by physical access or remote access, then you can directly control the destination computer.

> How to install Server part on victim's computer?
For installing the server part on the computer you have to copy/send the patch on the victim's computer. If the victim will open that file it will automatically install it on the PC.

> How to operate NetBus?

After installing the Server part on the victim's computer, you have to administrator the victim's computer. There are many options which can be used to harass victim.

$. Open/close CD tray..

$. Can download any file from victim's computer..

$. Swamps mouse key..

$. Can screen dump any image..

$. Can play any music/video file from destination PC..

$. Can manage Key Strokes, etc..

> How to connect Server to Client?
After attempting the above procedure, you have to connect both parts of Trojan to gain access on the victim's computer. To perform this action, type the IP Address or Host Name of victim's computer in the followed text box. Don't change the port, let it be as it is. Then you can connect with the remote computer/server.

>How to protect your PC from getting Trojan HACKED...?
There can be many ways and precaution to remain safe from such kind of Trojans. The possible ways are listed as below :-

$. Sometimes you can get E-Mail from unknown address. This may also have attachment of Trojans. So, don't accept any email from any unknown address and don't download and run any attachments from that email.

$. If you are suspicious about any Trojan installed on your PC, then open task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and under processes tab end the process that you seem not to be authorized by your PC.

$. Use account Passwords on your computer so that no body can install Trojan on your PC physically.

$. Don't download any file from internet against authorization certificate. This may contain Trojans.

$. Always scan your hardware devices before you play it in your PC.

$. Don't install any software or application from unauthorized publisher.

This was a short description of NetBus Hacking & Prevention.
Thank you!


  1. if the victim is having dynamic ip will i have to trace his ip every time? plz reply fast!

  2. yeah it is possible only if you send the any trojan that sends the ip address of that victim ...