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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Set up iOS 4.3 home sharing in iPhone, iPod or iPad

setup home sharing iOS 4.3 300x64 Set up iOS 4.3 home sharing in iPhone, iPod or iPad Now that Apple released iOS 4.3 update for download you can set up the most awaited home sharing feature in your  iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Home sharing option will let you stream music movies, pictures and other media files in a wireless private network. That means you can share an iTunes library  from a PC or Mac to compatible iPhone, iPod or iPad. Follow these steps to set up home sharing in iOS 4.3 devices.

First download iOS 4.3 and install it using iTunes 10.2

After successful instillation and restore, open your device settings and turn on WiFi connectivity.
You will see the home sharing button just beneath the device icon on the left plane of  iTunes software. If not, you can access it from Advanced tab at the top section.

Enter your Apple ID and password in the home sharing Window and click on the button create Home Share.
Now we can set up Home Sharing in iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Home Sharing 294x300 Set up iOS 4.3 home sharing in iPhone, iPod or iPad

Find the settings for the iPod music player in your idevice. As shown above, enter your Apple ID and password in Home Sharing option. That’s it – you have set up your idevice to stream your iTunes library wirelessly over WiFi. Just go to iPod app> More> Shared> click on a listed Library. Now you will be able to play songs and videos from that desktop iTunes library using iPod Music player.

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