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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flight Information now Direct in Google Search


We didn’t expect Google to rest on its laurels after finally ramming through the acquisition of flight software company ITA a few weeks back. Sure enough, flight information is now integrated into Google search results. This is a preliminary version of the feature which is not using ITA technology yet, but Google assures us that changes are coming.

When you search for a destination along with some trigger words that Google determines as travel oriented, the results will have flight information right at the top. You’ll see a list of the flight numbers and times, along with links to the airlines that run them. The search engine also understands three-letter airport codes if your city has more than one.

You’ll be able to search specific trips by using two city names, or just  search for ‘flights out of x’ to get a list of all non-stop flights leaving an location. These features are nice, but the ITA software is likely to make them considerably more useful. As it stands, the feature feels rather barebones. The change should be available to all users. Let us know if you care for it.

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