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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Get Protection Against Trojans using Comodo's Firewall Pro Plus
Latest Microsoft Research reports a 300% increase in Trojan Horse attacks, suggesting a shift in the threat model exposing end users to more ID theft and other PC vulnerabilities.

A recent Microsoft report outlines an alarming trend reflecting a significant increase in the number of Trojans being launched, posing new threats to consumers' computers, privacy and identities.

As this report explains, the threat model is evolving from just viruses to include a large number of Trojans that are harmful because they are more difficult to detect by anti-virus software. In response to these trends, Comodo announced new consumer protections that are available to protect against this constantly changing threat landscape.

Comodo Firewall Pro Plus helps address these types of threats with dual protection - Comodo's award winning firewall to prevent even the latest Trojan attacks and extra expert support in case some future ID stealing malware does get on a PC.

This Microsoft study, (The Security Intelligence Report covering the period of July through December 2007), outlined how Trojans have "... become a tool of choice for attackers" who continue to undermine the consumers' ability to keep their PCs and sensitive information safe from ID thieves.
Background on Trojans

Trojan horses are malicious security-breaking programs that disguise themselves as a harmless program. Hackers use Trojan horse programs to evade protection systems and allow unauthorized access to a user's computer. Typically, a Trojan hides its malicious activity behind the friendly fa├žade of a normal looking program such as a free game, song, screen saver, movie clipping or email attachment.

Once installed and running, the program continues to appear innocuous but is actually also running background processes designed to steal confidential data such as the victim's credit card numbers.

Trojans are particularly harmful as they are designed to be transparent to end users while independently executing harmful code such as:
  • Allowing total remote access to a computer by a third party, revealing personal, financial and other information
  • Erasing or overwriting data
  • Corrupting files
  • Upload/downloading files without the user's consent
  • Deactivating or interfere with anti-virus programs
  • Sending false security alerts driving users to buy vapor software
  • *Displaying excessive popup advertisements
Trojans are now often delivered via "drive by downloads" where Trojans are injected into a computer simply when a visitor comes to a site. Ease of distribution makes Trojans particularly difficult for consumers to protect against and attractive to hackers.

In fact, the study confirms that "malicious software has become an established tool used by skilled criminals to target millions of computer users worldwide in pursuit of profit." Comodo Firewall Pro Plus's new approach gives users better PC security against today's and tomorrow's threats.
Comodo Firewall Pro Plus Includes:
  • Comodo Firewall Pro software - an award winning firewall earning a PC Magazine Editor's Choice
  • Around-the-clock, remote 24/7 support with Comodo certified experts to restore a PC to working order should it become infected with a Trojan or other malicious program
"We see more and more malware being released by hackers everyday, and we wanted to create a solution that will protect users no matter what," said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. "Comodo Firewall Pro Plus gives a user protection against today's - and tomorrow's - threats."

More information on Comodo Firewall Pro .

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