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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Locktopus for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

security concerns in iPhone ???????
Anybody comes and uses ur apps which u dont want others to use???
Here's a solution for you -----> LOCKTOPUS

this app will help u to lock ur apps which you want ....

now first of all you need to have the repository installed

now go to cydia-> search-> locktopus -> install -> confirm

now you will get the popup saying that the default password is set to password you can change it anytime in the settings.......

the only security breach in this is application is that after changing the password it shows you the password which can be xploited by others                               ------------------------------------->

1 comment:

  1. its looks as it not compatible with ios 4.3.3 for ipad first Gen. when i try to install it from cydia it depends on:
    1- mobilesubstrate
    2- preferenceLoader
    hence, it doesn't work.