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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Free Virus Protection And More in Google Pack Free Software Suite

One of the best free software suites available today is Google Pack released by the search engine giant itself. It consists in a hand-picked collection of free software which is designed to secure the internet experience of any user without taking away the fun and ease of use.

The installation of the Google Pack components is straight forward because all the hassle and pain of choosing the right kit is been taken care of by Google Updater. One can chose to install one, many or all of the individual applications which make the pack:

Google Earth, Firefox with Google Toolbar, Skype, Norton Security Scan, Adobe Reader, RealPlayer, Google Toolbar for IE, Google Desktop, Google Photos Screensaver, StarOffice, Spyware Doctor, Picasa, Google Talk

Norton Security Scan
Norton Security Scan is a free antivirus and anti-spyware software offered by Symantec and Google and it does a great job at finding and removing viruses, spyware and adware. It can also assess the vulnerability and patch status for the installed applications which gives you the opportunity to patch and update the systems before being hit a worm or virus outbreak. The virus and spyware definitions are kept up to date automatically so you don't have to worry about the updates.

There are two scan templates available: Quick Scan and Full System Scan depending on the surface of the area you want to scan: Quick Scan covers the commonly infected areas whilst Full System Scan analyzes the entire computer.

Any scan can be paused and more important, you can schedule scans to take place whenever you want. Once the scan is finished, you can easily review the security findings and Norton Security Scan gives you the option to ignore or fix any problem which was found during the scan.

The other free applications included in Google Pack are:

Google Earth
This software enables you to literally go anywhere around the globe by presenting detailed high-resolution space images of Earth's surface. There are photos which enable you to zoom in as close as seeing details which are no longer than a foot long (a cat for instance)

Google Desktop
This handy application allows you to quickly find any information regardless on how it's stored: remote email accounts, local files, web history, and more.

Firefox with Google Toolbar
This browser combo represents a great open source alternative to proprietary web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Opera. The rich security features presented by Firefox have pushed it into people's web browser of choice.

Adobe Reader
The rich media PDF documents have never been easier to view, print, share and secure. Adobe Reader is the most popular document viewer and it's included for free in the Google Pack

Skype is a secure and robust free messaging software which enables you to make free voice and video calls to anyone else using Skype. It goes beyond PC to PC calls by offering cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Free Office Suite which will boost your productivity by offering powerful word processing and spreadsheet functionalities for free.

Google Toolbar for IE
By using Google Toolbar for IE you have instant access to powerful Google functions like Page Rank and Google search. It also secures your browser thanks to the efficient popup blocker and phishing website warnings.

Spyware Doctor
Ever wondered how did some of your most precious data leaked out on Internet? The answer is simple: Your computer was infected with spyware and Spyware Doctor is the tool you need to clean up the spyware mess which affects your data and your work.

Picasa is an easy to use photo management and editing software which you can use to share your photos online

Google Photos Screensaver
If you need to present your favorite pictures as slideshow, the free Google Photos Screensaver software is all you need.

Google Talk
Stay in touch with your friends via free voice calls. Share files and voice messages and have fun with the free Google Talk IM.

Free video player which enables you to view many video formats and also to transfer your favorite media files to iPod or other portable media player.

You can download the whole Google Pack software suite for free from the sponsor of this review : Free Virus Protection

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