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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Facebook Worm Appears

Social networking website Facebook has been a breeding ground for many scams recently, and now there is a new worm spreading fast. The worm disguises itself as a message from a friend on the user's Wall, stating "WTF I cant believe youre tagged in this vid" or "ROFL I cant believe youre tagged in this video" or "OMG why are you tagged in this vid".

Once the user clicks on the video, it seems to commence loading in an enlarged player window.

After the user instinctively clicks the Play button, it does not play any video, but posts a message that reads, "Select Address bar. Press Ctrl+V. Press Enter."

What it actually does in the background is that it scans the user's friends list and generates a code, which it copies into the clipboard memory. When the user selects the address bar and presses <CTRL>+<V> (which is the keyboard shortcut for paste) then <ENTER>, he/she ends up posting a similar message on one of his/her friend's Wall.

It is not yet known what data, apart from your friends list, is accessed by the worm, but the possibilities are unnerving. The next time you see such a message, avoid clicking on the play button and promptly delete the post.

[via techtree]

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