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Monday, May 9, 2011

How To Customize IE 9 the Easy Way

If you’re new to Internet Explorer 9, you might not like the minimal interface. You can go through and make UI  and other adjustments manually, but here we’ll take a look at a free utility that will tweak it how you want easily.

1. Download and install the free utility Tweak IE9. Installation is easy following the defaults. After you go through the initial install steps, accept the EULA, then you can click on the same executable icon to launch Tweak IE9 anytime you need it.
2. Before you run it, make sure you are closed out of IE 9. Then you’ll be able to go through and select different settings for the User Interface, Startup, Downloads, and Security. After you’ve made your selections click the Tweak IE9 Now button.
3. Now when you start IE 9 you’ll see the changes you selected.
4. If you want to change settings just launch Tweak IE 9 again and make your selections.
5. If you want IE 9 to go back to its original state, click on the Restore IE9 button. Give the utility a few moments to restore the original settings, then click on Run Internet Explorer 9.
6. There you are! Everything is restored back to how it was when you originally installed IE 9.
If you want to tweak different settings in IE9 without having to change each setting manually, Tweak IE9 is an easier way to make changes. This is an easy utility to use for home and expert users alike. It’s easier to use than going through the Registry to make IE9 start in full screen mode for example.

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