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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Find Music For Your Daily Run

Research has shown that listening to music can help you run longer, keep up a healthy pace and add a few numbers to your IQ as well. Putting that information to good use, is a web service that helps you find the right music to listen to on your daily jog or power walk. The service finds songs based on your pace (time to complete a one km run) or based on your selected bpm (beats per minute).
This playlist creator lets you create a list of songs to listen to while you run, walk and cycle. Both running and walking lists are created by entering your per kilometer time (the time it takes to complete a km run/walk) while cycling lists are created from your rotations per minute. You can play the songs directly from (which uses Grooveshark). Songs can be downloaded from iTunes or AmazonMP3.
Multiple lists can be created for running, walking or cycling for varying paces. The service also let you create routes using Google Maps by placing start and end markers. You can save multiple routes to your account. gives you access to playlists made by a community of runners, walkers and cyclists. You can create your own lists or benefit from the selection of others.

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