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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grid Lock in iPhone

Ever tried placing your icons in the iPhone leaving one blank space in between. If you would have tried you would know otherwise make a note that Apple's basic firmware doesnot allow you to do something which is shown like this in the picture. View this screenshot of my phone for example.The icon called SCMusic is placed at the bottom of the screen leaving blank space in between the two icons.This will not happen in the basic firmware without any hack. So now you might be thinking why we need it????

The answer is that there are some themes which have some very good animations in the middle of the screen and hence if you want these animations then you have no option to see those animations behind the icons.

But the hacking now comes into play.
Gridlock is a revolutionary software will allows user to place the icon anywhere on the screen and hence helps to see animations and more.

got o cydia->search->Gridlock
install it and respring your springboard and you are done.

But you must ensure that you have the repo installed.

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