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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

History of iPhone Jailbreaking

Now Apple has done all this cool stuff and then it has imposed many restrictions to the iPhone and that mainly being:-

a) not all carriers were supported in the iPhone (supports only AT&T and Verizon).

b) one cannot gain full access to the iPhone cannot get into the terminal of iPhone for instance.

c) cannot install applications, extensions and themes that are unavailable through the official
Apple App Store.

so these were the problems being faced by the users of iPhone.....

Now to safeguard the interest of the users in iPhone a new concept came up i.e. Jailbreaking of the iPhone....

Jailbreak is the process with which a user can gain full access to the iPhone and can install the unofficial apps (apps which are not in the Apple App store ), download additional applications as well and also can do some very good things like getting themes , adding tweaks to iPhone . the popular tools for jailbreaking are :-
a) blackra1n.
b) snowbreeze.
c) Redsnow

cydia was one of the packages which gained a lot of success. cydia is automatically installed in the iPhone when you jailbreak the phone.
you install themes, softwares and many more using cydia.....

now the only problem which was persisting was unlocking of the iPhone which meant that now iPhone could be used with carriers which were not allowed by Apple. as the time passed there were many methods emerged to unlock iPhone some were manually replacing the inner files of the iPhone, another was ultrasnow this became popluar as any user can do unlocking with this software which is readily available in jailbroken iPhone.

so now the users were getting ultimate controls over their phones and Apple now brushed off the warranty of the iPhone if it was jaibroken means if you want to jaibreak the iPhone your warranty will be null and void.... But i guess the advantages of jailbreaking were huge as compared to a small disadvantage...

All these hacks are applicable to all versions of iPhones, many versions of iPods and all versions of iPad.......

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