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Monday, March 28, 2011

Android lock in iPhone

so after jailbreaking you would need to know about the cool stuff on offer in cydia. so here's one of it. So lets start.

this is Android lock.

Android lock is a utility which was originally in Android OS based phones but now the same is in iPhone. so lets explore it. First of all let me tell you the android lock developed for iPhone is damn secure as it takes into account the moves and the directions of the moves as well for instance if my password is as shown in the figure. you can see small arrows of the green colour with the pattern these need to be same as that of the original unlocking code. this enhances security so if you enter the same code but the orientation of arrows is different then you will not be able to enter the phone. So security is a plus point of this.

Now lets see how to get it

Step1: first of all add the repository to your cydia using the same procedure as i told in the previous post add and then type the repository and explore it.

Step2: go in the repository and add Androidlock xt from there and let it install.

Step3: now go to settings of the device and now go to Androidlock xt and set it enable. now it is enable the next thing to do is set the pattern.

Step4: from the same location where you enabled Androidlock xt go to change pattern now if the pattern is to be set for the first time it will not ask for old one but if the old one exists then it will ask you to put the same otherwise it will not allow you to change the pattern.

Step5: all set now just now click the power button on the top of the device and see the android lock.

Now we can coustomise the same as well there are many themes to this Android lock such as :-
1) simple 2) squares 3) hauegod 4) blades 5) pacman

Now done with the features, installing and all. now comes the dark side of the coin. it has a hack which allows any user to get into the device easily i.e without matching the pattern.

The trick is to make a call to the device and then press the home button on the device and enter the phone easily and now you can disable the Android lock easily. So this is the hack to this thing.
So now you are free to enjoy the Androidlock.

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