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Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to crack password through Brutforce and Dictionary attack matching Checksum n length of password

The script works by taking the password you enter and doing various functions to it to give it a value. It then compares this value to the checksum and if they are the same you complete the challenge. All we need to do to complete this challenge is make our password equal the value of the checksum. There are thousands of possibilities so this shouldn't be too hard.
There are two possible ways to complete this mission:
1. Bruteforce
2. Dictionary attack

What we need to find out:
*The checksum
*The length of the password

The checksum:
The javascript code which changes your input into a value is a function called "Check(checksum)". The function is executed when the "check" button is pressed. The checksum is given as an argument, so you can look for the checksum as an argument between the <form> tags or you could just edit the script to make it alert the checksum to you.

The length:
For this section you are going to have to edit the script so that instead of alerting "Wrong Pass!! Try Again." it will alert the sum.
The length of the correct password can be worked out mathematically. To calculate the sum, every part of the entered string is multiplied by the number of characters of the string. This means that the string length must be a divisor of the final sum (minus one, because it starts with 1 instead of 0). Therefore, the password length must be a divisor of the checksum - 1.
We know that the longest password that the password box will accept is 20 characters. So see which numbers between 1-20 are divisors of the checksum-1, make a list of these numbers. You should now have 8 possible numbers in your list. So, using the character from the character set with the highest value, '@', find out the most characters you can input without going over the required checksum. Starting with '@' then '@@' and so on. Write this number down. Now use the character from the character set with lowest value, 'a'. See how many characters you can use without going under the required checksum. Write this number down. Now, the number in your list of 8 possibilities which is between these two numbers is the length of the required password.

If you are coding a bruteforcer this is all the information you need. We know the length of the password so coding an efficient bruteforcer is pretty easy. Convert the javascript function into a language of your choice. Use a powerful language such as C++. If you make your bruteforcer efficient enough, you will turn out a few correct strings in no time. DO NOT CODE YOUR BRUTEFORCER IN JAVAscript!!! It will crash your browser.

Dictionary attack:
I coded a dictionary attack in javascript. It pushed my browser to the verge of crashing but it worked fine. If you are going to use a dictionary attack to complete this challenge you can't just use a list of 12 letter words because there won't be any words that match the checksum. What you want to do is string smaller words together to make 12 characters. Add a few numbers aswell. Do something like word+number+word. Play around with the format a bit and you'll eventually get it.

[Via hellboundhackers]

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