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Thursday, March 24, 2011

iOS 4 : the most advanced OS

the iOS 4 is the worlds most advanced mobile OS developed and hence it has become a topic of discussion and here it is iOS 4. its all here the most advanced features and as compared to any other mobile OS. i think apple is years forward as compared to other mobile OS which are trying to match Apple.

There are many special and cool features to look out for in iOS 4 and these are :-

you might have heard this term in computers but how come a phone has this feature??? The answer to this is only Apple's iOS 4 the most advanced OS. it supports multitasking as when we press the home key(a circular button on the bottom side of the iPhone) two times with a little pause the whole screen shifts upwards and a new scree downwards is shown that is the multitasking tab.....

here the main screen has shifted upwards and the multitasking tab has come up now if you long tap on this button u will see red marks on the icons ( refer to the post in ipod section of in case you are not familiar with it ). Now you have the capability to shut down any running process just by following a single step but otherwise you have to have a software called SB Settings to do the same functionality now its native to the iPhone.
Hack to this:- if you donot like multitasking you can remove by a simple hack to this
Step 1:- add a repository name from cydia.
Step 2:- After the repository is successfully added go in the repository and find Disable iOS 4 Multitasking software which is a cracked software which disables multitasking.

b) Camera improvements:- the earlier OS by Apple which were called firmware by Apple that is all the OS prior to iOS 4. these firmwares( OS prior to iOS 4) took a lot of time after clicking a photo and then getting back to the camera but iOS 4 has solved the problem and the camera time is amazing.

c) Folders:- Have you ever seen folders in any OS which can incorporate the applications installed by the user. Here comes the advanced iOS 4 which allows a user to make as many folders as he/she likes to organize the applications and even better thing one can name a folder as one wants. now isn't that a functionality.....

in the picture you can see a folder named utilities and i have grouped together clock, calculator, compass and voice memos just to keep my phone organised well. Hence the folders were introduced to keep the things of the same type together so it is normal that we group all our games to a folder and then name is games simply and dont have to find it here and there rolling down pages of your iPhone.

Hack to this:- a simple hack gives a full screen folder view with feel like page shift and all.
Step 1:- add a repository name from cydia.
Step 2:- After the repository is successfully added go in the repository and find FolderEnhancer which is a cracked software which shows full screen folders.

d) Social Gaming:- Apple now supports social gaming with a special software provided in the iOS 4 called the GameCenter. this is the icon for it. what this does is it provides a common platform to all the iPhone users for the same game to compete with each other and have a lot more fun filled gaming experience....

e) Face-Time:- Another brilliant feature of iOS 4 is the facetime which enables the users to make a video call to other person who obviously owns the iPhone. here the two people can chat face to face. Now you can call your friends anytime and chat with them face to face with just few clicks of the buttons.

The fun thing is that Apple provides the iOS4 free of cost to the iPhone users from its site but it is not recommended to download from there if you are looking for the jailbreaking your iPhone. Just download from and enjoy the free jailbroken new iOS 4.

As far as all the major things about the iOS 4 are concerned these are few of the new features added but off course the features that the previous versions had will also be there. if you are an iPhone user i recommend you to use this most advanced mobile OS and have a fun filled time with your iPhone and to know how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod and iPad the post i will insert after a few days. but till then donot try to update you can seriously mess up with your i device may it be iPhone, iPod or an iPad. so i recommend to learn all about jailbreaking and updating the i device.

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