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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jailbreaking ios 4.1 (hacking at its best)

Now after we are familiar with the basics of iPhone so lets get down to some business now. lets jailbreak iPhone 3Gs on iOS 4.1. I am starting the jailbreaking from iOS because now it has all become iOS market. Very few people talk below iOS and those are the few which own a non supported version of iPhone like iPhone 2G or 3G on which the iOS slows down for all those people if you want to try it out i will put a tutorial on that as well but for now its iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3Gs. So lets begin to spread the magic.
But before we move any further there is a concept of tethered and untethered jailbreak. Now the difference between the two is that for a tethered jailbreak you require to jailbreak after every reboot of any kind even it was after draining the battery or a simple reboot you need a jailbreak actually its not a jailbreak but just restoring your device to the jailbroken mode after reboot but in the untethered version you donot require to restore after a reboot.

Now lets get down to some serious business. Lets jailbreak now:

things you need:-
1) iphone firmware 4.1. download here
2) ipad firmware 4.1 download here
3) redsnow 0.9.6 download here

Step1: download the custom firmware 4.1. Donot ever update from the iTunes instead download from some other site such as the one given above.

Step2: now go to iTunes and hold the shift key and click on restore to search for a file from the computer otherwise it would start downloading the OS from the apple site.

iTunes will take some time and now you will see this screen(which has a wire and iTunes logo). now u are on new firmware without any jailbreak or activation(sim unlocking).

Step4: now download Redsnow from
the link given above. After you have started redsnow now you need to locate your ipsw (iPhone specific file for iOS 4.1 which we have downloaded from the link given earlier. After you have done everything now a check box interface will be present here now what you need to do is check install iPad baseband. it will show you some warnings read that carefully and then if you want then click yes.

Step 5:After all is done you will see a disk which says loading ramdisk (just as the figure here shows a disk and a green arrow) and after that you will see a lot of coding on your idevice. don't panic everythings good. when all that ends your device will reboot and you will have a jailbroken idevice.

Step6: last thing to do is activate idevice so that it can work on any other carrier so hence you will need to go to cydia->manage->Sources->edit->add. now add the repository

Step7: now go to this repository via the same route in step6 but in place of edit find your repository and enter it. there will be a package ultrasnow just install it. if it installs perfectly it will say to reboot device otherwise try again.

Now you are ready to go any sim on your fully jaibroken device....... njoy hacking!!!!!!
have a look at this video to make it more clear [video via youtube]

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