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Friday, March 18, 2011

Google Dorks | Using Google efficiently

Do you know how to use google ? Sounds a silly question because even children can easily use google search engine.But the thing is that how efficiently we can make use of google. Google dorks are nothing but simple search operators that are used to refine our search. okay lets suppose that you wanna search for ebooks on topic 'networking' , our obvious search queries would be like this "Networking ebooks", "free ebooks for networking" etc,we keep going into the websites, clicking on link after links and then get proper downling links. Now lets do the same search in a different way , type on google "ext:pdf networking" (without quotes)

and see what you get in results,google returned direct downloading links of ebooks on networking that is files with extension pdf.

I hope you have got an idea of google dorks or google search operators.

List of basic search oprators,their description and examples.

1. site - It returns the websites of specified domains .

Example- will return the links of webpages of  domain hacking will return all the webpages of domain which contain word 'phishing'.
Suppose you want google to return only government websites,
you can use site:gov or say pakistani websites use site:pk

2.intitle and allintitle - It restricts the results to pages whose title contain specified word/phrase.

intitle:admin will return only those pages whose title contains word 'admin'.
intitle:admin login will return only those pages whose title contains word 'admin' and word 'login' can be in anywhere in page.
allintitle:admin login will return those pages whose title contains both words admin and login. This is simply equivalent to intitle:admin intitle:login

3.inurl- as clear from name, it restricts the results to sites whose URL's contains specified phrase.

inurl:adminlogin will return only those pages whose URL contains  'adminlogin'.
 Like allintitle, you can similarly use allinurl. I dont feel there is need to explain allinurl.

4. related- It returns the websites similar to specified websites.

examples :- , now provides free/cheap calls facility. This search query would return results containing websites which provide such kind of services. , now provides services to maintain anonymity using proxies.This search query would return results containing websites which provide services related to proxies.

5. cache: It returns the cached webpage that is kept with google.

example:-, this dork is useful very when actually the website is down and
you can still view its contents (from cached pages).

 6. ext- It specifies the extension .

You can use 'filteype' at place of 'ext'.
ext:ppt hacking - this will return  powerpoint presentations (ppt files) on topic 'hacking'.
ext:doc hacking - this will return microsoft word files on topic 'hacking'

 Extensions that google supports are pdf,swf,rtf,doc,ppt,dwf,ps,kml,kmz,xls.

Note: Undoubtedly,you can combine these search operators for example
site:gov inurl:adminlogin will return the government site webpages who have word 'adminlogin' in URL.

Accessing Unprotected Cameras using google ?
So the heading sounds interesting. We can access the live cameras using google dorks.
Remember, cameras are also present at beaches ;)
Just type this in google search box and hit enter.
inurl:view/index.shtml .

Many of these wont ask for password, view might be dark (coz it would be night there) and you need good internet speed . Have fun.

Note:These google dorks when used smartly are really useful from hacker's point of view to search for vulnerable websites. I will try to write a post regarding same.

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