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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Delete Unuseful Multiple Entries in Boot Screen

Suppose you have multiple copies of Windows XP installed in your PC in different drives or installed Windows XP on top of another operating system like Windows 98 or Windows 2000. Now, though you may have removed some or all of the older versions, still the boot screen continues to show the old operating system entries. Isn't it annoying and confusing to remember and select every time the only right option? Don't worry, here is how you can get rid of the problem forever:


1. Load windows and login if required.

2. Go to Start menu, click on Run and then type cmd. This will open up the command window.

3. Type this command: bootcfg /delete /id x

where x is the number of the option you want to delete. Say, for example, you want to delete 2nd boot option then you will type bootcfg /delete /id 2 and so on.

4. Now reboot the machine to check that you have only the correct option(s) available.


* Please be careful in step 3 and don't delete the correct operating system because that will prevent you from booting.

* Repeat step 3 to delete all unnecessary entries.

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