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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Send Self Destructing and Tracking Emails

Every time that you send an email, copies are stored permanently on multiple email servers as well as the
recipient's inbox and anyone they decide to send it to. Your emails can be stored and scanned in more places than you can imagine. Do you want people storing your email messages forever? Do you want something that you type today to be used against you tomorrow, next week, next month or even in the next decade?

Until now, everyone else has had control of the email that you have sent. BigString gives you back control of your email, acting like an automatic shredder for your email. You can self-destruct or change an email that's already been sent or read. Don't leave your messages sitting in peoples' inboxes forever. Get a free BigString email account to protect your privacy.  

Bigstring is a email provider like other email providers who provide them for free but it has some good features which r not available in others emails.

Features like:
  • Self-Destructing Email
  • Recallable/Erasable Email
  • Non-Forwardable Email
  • Non-Printable/Savable Email
  • Advanced Email Tracking
  • Masquerading
  • Unlimited storage
  • Large Attachment Capacity
  • Fun Email Effects

    Signup today n start playing with your buddies.

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