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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hidden Quotes In Windows Xp

There is a secret file in Windows XP called "quotes". In order to get there you must be somewhat familiar with how to use Windows, simply open up My Computer (explorer) and double click on your main drive (probably C next navigate to: C:>WINDOWS>SYSTEM32>DRIVERS>etc This is where the quotes file is. Open the file named quotes in your favorite text editor (notepad, MS Word, Emacs:p ) then look at the quotes put there by the MS developers!
**note: I use Windows XP Pro, it might only work in professional edition **

On the screen in Win XP Pro where one logs in initially, there is a tiny little Easter Egg.

Simply leave your computer on that screen long enough for the screensaver to come on. Then move the mouse.
What happened?
Well, look in the bottom left corner. The litte button marked "Turn of computer" now reads "Turn off Banana 2000"!
((For those who don't ge it, in the comic strip Bloom County, one character owned a Banana 2000 computer, which eventually became a character in its own existential right... walking around and everything))

Special Requirements:
Windows XP Pro
Candy Cane Pipes

1.Go to Display Properties
2.Click the Screen saver tab then Click 3D Pipes 3.Click Settings
4.Click Textured
5.Click Choose Texture
6.Click Cancel.
7.Click OK on the Screen Saver Setup
Now The Pipes
should be Candy Cane Colored!

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