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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Excel Password Recovery - Get Your Data Back !

Recovery Password From Excel

One of the basic rules of security is to protect your sensitive files by password protecting them but things don't always go as smooth when trying to re-open a file who's password you had forgotten. Ever got into a dead end situation typing countless passwords just to find yourself stranded and frustrated ? Well, I know I did and I wish I had access to fast password recovery tools like I have now.

Recently I stumbled upon Excel Password Recovery which is a very efficient tool for decrypting Excel files and also recovering lost passwords. There is a demo version available for download here which allows you to recover all passwords but imposes some limitations on the length of the recovered passwords. I have tested it and I must say that I will include it in my "never leave home without it" software collection.

Installation is pretty straightforward and once the wizard is completed, all you need to do is load the encrypted file and start the automated process of recovering your data. Next, one must chose either to:
  • to recover the document and to gain full access to all spreadsheets data ( very fast and accurate, makes use of vendor's huge computing power)
  • to recover the actual password used for encryption in order to re-use it to decrypt other files.

I chose to have immediate access to my data so I left the default checked. In the next moments, the application contacted the vendor's servers and voila, the file was unlocked and I got asked to save the decrypted version.

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