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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Breaking the Restrictions of the AdministratorThis is a featured page

A Loophole u never knew about it........

This works on WIn 2000 & WIN XP.

Dis can be used to gain access to the website you want to for free, and how you can gain access to 'control panel', and the various other tools of Widows that may have been blocked from your grasp like 'regedit' by the administrator. IT can be used in schools & colleges..

When u are at the log on screen, type in your username and
password. NOW When you hit enter, and it comes up with the next screen, the rectangle one, immediatly pull out the network cable i.e. the cable wire.

Now u can log on without any restrictions because when the cable is pulled off then it does not download any settings from the server. Now you have access to control panel, & all the other features which had been blocked BUT there will be no
network access. But that's cool because now we can access 'Internet options', click in the 'connections' tab click the LAN settings, click the proxy settings, and in the little white box at the bottom we can specify websites that bypass the proxy server (eg Now once you have changed the settings to what you wish, apply them and restart the computer. Now get someone else to log onto it because if you log in it will load the cached settings from your previous log in, then after the other person logs in, everyone that logs in after them included themselves will have the internet settings you specified.

Its only an 'Unplugging technique' to gain access to a comp. locked by the administrator.

Now you can gain access to msconfig, regedit, command etc disable the virus scanner, or to install a trojan or a virus according to u're will..


Access *Advance file Permissions* on NTFS file systems for XP Home simply by booting into *Safe Mode*, rt-clicking any file or folder, and navigating to the *Security tab*. This gives the user the ability to allow or deny read, write, execute, read & write, display contents, full-control, iheritance, and take ownership permissions, with many more options available to apply to different users and groups stored on the computer. Well, you don't have to do this in *Safe Mode* (XP Home). Although it is a little less intuitive, you can simply go to your command prompt - Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt. Now type "cacls" in the window (without the quotes). This gives you the ability to add, remove or modify file permissions on files and folders through the command prompt. Type "cacls /?" for help on different options and variables. You do not need to be in safe mode to use this so it makes it a little quicker than using the safe mode security tab GUI. Remember - this only applies to NTFS. Here also is a very useful link to find a lot of extras and tweaks straight from the horse's mouth - the Microsoft Resource Center. You will find a lot of very useful web-based extra's here, most of them left unknowing to the general public - such as, "Online Crash Analysis" - a site that looks like Windows Update but you can upload your crash "dump logs" (when you get those system or application crash error reports). Microsoft will then analyze the log file and tell you some more info about WHY the system crashed (ie. faulty hardware/software/conflicts, etc).

Now lets c how to open restricted site on college servers
  • Bypass any filters from work or school and access your favorite community and entertainment sites
  • Enjoy a fast and reliable connection. Our dedicated machines have 1Gbps connection and 2 quad processors
  • Chat with your friends from work
  • Watch videos on Youtube
  • Login into Myspace, Facebook and all the popular community sites without losing the proxy
  • No traffic redirection
  • No PopUp and Annoying Ads!
To use our service, simply type the address of the web site which you want to open in the field above and hit GO. This will automatically lead you to the destination page. With our service you are guaranteed to be able to login and operatate normally.

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