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Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Remove DLL errors

Want to get rid of those DLL error messages on startup or upon opening applications? Ever had XP DLL errors that you just can’t remove in your system? You might be putting your PC into more serious trouble if you keep ignoring these warnings. You don’t have to be a computer geek to figure things out with the help of these basic guides.

XP DLL errors commonly occur on startup, usually while loading applications. Software loading might be interrupted by a warning message, indicating the missing or corrupted file that is necessary to run the program. These errors occur due to a number of reasons. First, the DLL file might be corrupted due to faulty installation that accidentally replaced the working DLL files with a corrupted one. Second, when one of the applications sharing a common DLL file with other programs is uninstalled, there is a big chance that the shared DLL file might be accidentally uninstalled, too; thus, the remaining applications that need this file might not work properly. Next, XP DLL errors commonly occur on virus and malware attacks. These harmful applications can automatically and independently alter or replace working DLL files, thus causing programs to be faulty and corrupted.

The basic step to get an overview of where the problem might be is to run your PC under Safe Mode. You can select this from boot options that will appear when you press F8 on system startup. If you have successfully entered Safe Mode, you can make a few safe changes by restoring your computer to an earlier time, when the error was still not visible. This feature can be found in Start Menu >> Accessories >> System Tools >> System Restore.

If a DLL error occurs in a specific DLL file only, this can be resolved by reinstalling it. Secure an updated version of the missing DLL file and reinstall it carefully. You can also copy working DLL files from another computer, just make sure that it is compatible with your installed program.

Also, if the error appears after you have improperly uninstalled programs, run a clean reinstallation so that the system can properly coordinate DLL files with other applications requiring it. . Then, uninstall it once again and don’t forget to leave all associated DLL files intact.

If XP DLL errors appear during launching applications, these could be due to faulty installation of programs. It is recommended that you uninstall the program first and run a registry cleaner that will delete all the entries, both the working and the corrupted, from your Windows Registry. You can do this by installing Registry Cleaners that will scan your system for incorrect registry entries and invalid file paths. Then, do a quick and clean reinstallation of the faulty software to remove the error.

Keep your PC free from XP DLL errors by running a regular antivirus scan. You can also install registry cleaner software that can eliminate registry problems such as invalid file paths, incorrect registry entries and missing or corrupted DLL files. This can keep viruses and malwares away so that you can maintain a clean and virus-free PC while doing away with all these annoying DLL errors.

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