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Friday, April 8, 2011

3D effects in iPhone

Ever wondered to have 3D effects in your iDevice running on iOS??? Are you really impressed with 3D effects and want to have it on ur own iPhone or iPodd touch 4th generation or perhaps an iPad?
Here's a guide what to do

STEP 1:- go to cydia. Add a repository Sinfuliphonerepo (igonre if already installed).

STEP 2:- go to the repository Sinfuliphonerepo and search Barrel. install it.

STEP 3:- go to settings and then select barrel .

STEP 4:- Enter the mode as this will help you to find your right effect.

STEP 5:- Choose the type of effect you want i recommend to try out all the effects and
find a suitable one for you ....

HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!

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