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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Google tricks

Ok i know i have'nt written in a while. probably due to some clg work
I know you all must have seen seen google's "i m feeling lucky" but did u ever thoughts that those cool stuff could be used in ur website too . probably u could also use it and make ur website use the applications like "google gravity" or "annoying google" or "epic google" and ya my favourite "google sphere"

ya these all appliccations are great so do u wanna use them in your website ..well if i were in your position i would definately say yes..

ok go to or there are a list of html5 in the above of the screen choose any .also u must have some knowledge of html5 if u wanna have more fun and implement the code in ur website . he has given source codes of some of his experiments ...just check it out its worth trying

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