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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The Internet Protectors - A place to learn and get help on Cybersecurity

The Internet Protectors opened its doors to computer users looking for non-technical help in learning about and protecting themselves against the security risks that plague Internet users today. The Internet Protectors (TIP) website ( provides a neutral environment where users can ask questions of topic experts, research different aspects of security in a library of podcasts, videos, and white papers, read and subscribe to blogs on multiple security topics, discuss security issues in forums, and more. Experts, known as TIPsters, on hand at launch include Roger Thompson of AVG on new threats, Monte Robertson of Software Security Solutions on small business security, and Linda Criddle of Look Both Ways on family online safety.

"Computer users are understandably confused and bewildered by the risks surrounding email and the web," said Pat Bitton, security industry veteran and co-founder of The Internet Protectors. "There are plenty of security forums and other technical resources on the web for geeks, but there's no single resource for everyday computer users to learn more about how to protect themselves, their families, or their small businesses online. We've gathered experts from across the globe to provide a unique information exchange for people that provides plain-English information and advice."

Topics covered on the site range from basic security questions like "What is the difference between spyware and viruses?" to "how to" questions such as "I use Skype to keep my business phone costs down, but how do I avoid unwanted calls and spam from people not on my contact list?" Experts also weigh in on ways to keep private information private in social networks and the particular risks children face online, as well as up-to-the-minute news on scams affecting users of commonly-used programs like Gmail or QuickTime.

"In the Web 2.0 tradition, we have designed TIP to be as user-driven as possible," said Gayle Cline, TIP co-founder and project leader for the TIP website. "Experts and users can post blogs and resources like videos, and can create forums surrounding particular issues. Our goal is to provide a rich, dynamic, and above all relevant and usable resource for people. From the outset, TIP is ready to help home users, small businesses, libraries, educational institutions, and community organizations with security questions and concerns."


A Place to Learn and Get Help
Visitors to the site will find multiple resources for help with their security questions. There are videos showing how easily security attacks can happen, documents and articles on many different topics, hot discussions, blogs, and more. Issues currently under discussion include the differences between identity theft and identity fraud, the safety of online backup solutions, and governmental boundaries in monitoring the Internet.

"The content is not techie but not overly basic either," said Nicole Coyne, an IT systems analyst in Eureka, California. "This site will provide users a foundation in Internet security issues without the panic aspect. It's also not overwhelming. This is going to be an excellent tool to help users make safe decisions about their own Internet use."

"Computer users who are running anti-virus software are misguided in thinking they're fully protected," said Mike Rothman of analyst firm Security Incite. "There are many attacks, including phishing, zero-day, and social engineering attacks which cannot be addressed by traditional anti-virus. I still firmly believe that a more effective means of educating the masses about digital threats and how to defend themselves is a critical part of the solution."

A Place for Experts to Share their Knowledge
Visitors to The Internet Protectors website may ask questions of the dozens of TIPster, individuals with valuable expertise and knowledge in different areas of security.

"ID theft remains a pervasive problem on the web," says Julian Evans, founder and director, ID Theft Protect. "As an identity fraud professional, I monitor cyberspace continuously and have seen the impact threats such as identify theft, bot-nets and other scams have had on people simply because those people don't have the knowledge or resources to protect themselves. It's not fair, and it's time to fight back! I strongly support The Internet Protectors mission. Any opportunity to help people avoid becoming a victim is to be welcomed, and I'm pleased to be able to offer the benefits of my experience to TIP visitors."

To encourage the exchange of new ideas, some of the initial TIPsters have formed a GeekSpeak discussion forum as a place to share highly-technical information. "We welcome this kind of collaboration on TIP," adds Bitton. "It's an ideal environment in which to develop new solutions to users' security concerns."

"I was happy to sign up as a 'security basics' expert", says Gerardo Velasco, owner-operator of the VolkDefense security news website. "The Internet Protectors is the only site I've found that is well-positioned to be able to provide a full range of security advice for non-technical people."

Additional experts are always welcome; interested individuals should send email to

About The Internet Protectors
The Internet Protectors is an online forum designed to help computer users protect themselves and their valuable assets from cyber-threats. Site visitors can find help with their Internet security questions from leading experts, forums, blogs, videos and other educational resources. The mission of The Internet Protectors is to provide a collaborative, user-driven environment that helps everyday computer users learn to protect themselves in a friendly, yet expert, way. The vendor-neutral site has been funded by a security company that prefers to remain anonymous at this time.

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