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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Permanently Stick Your Program in Start Menu

Let's say, you have a software that is very important but you don't use it frequently like your tax software for example. So the practical difficulty is to find it every time from All Programs because you aren't likely to get it under Start menu option. It kills time, complicates the process and consequently makes you less productive. So what you do is:

1. Right click on any .exe file in Explorer, My Computer, Desktop
2. Select Pin to Start Menu,
3. The program is then displayed on the start menu, above the separator line.
4. To remove it, click the file on the start menu and select 'Unpin from Start Menu'. Below you can check the before and after shots.

You are done now. Your program will forever remain in the Start menu or until the next window crash.

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