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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Block or Remove Cydia Ads on iPhone/iPod Touch

Advertisements appearing in Cydia apps and other applications on your iDevice are very annoying. Disabling or removing the ads in Cydia & other apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch is very easy. Just follow the instructions below in order to get rid of Google and fastclick ads on iPhone.

block ads in Cydia iPhone iPod

How to Remove or Block advertisements in Cydia

If you have installed the latest version of Cydia then follow the steps below-
Step #1 - SSH into your iPhone or iPod Touch and then navigate to /Applications/ search for following line of code (it should be line number 209)
if (depiction == null)
Step #2 - Replace it with
if (depiction == null || true)
Step #3 - Save and you are done.
If you are having problems to view the screenshots then follow the instructions listed below. Make sure that you do not perform the steps listed above.

To disable Cydia advertisements, just SSH into your iPhone or iPod Touch and edit the hosts file found in /etc

Step #1 - Open /etc/hosts and insert the following two lines to disable the Google & fastclick Ads
Step #2 - Reboot your iPhone and Voila! No more annoying Google or Fastclick ads on Cydia App.
Second method is advisable as it will also disable or block ads from the description page of a package appearing from Google and Fastclick on all applications of your iPhone/iPod Touch.

via-[xsellize forum]

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