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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VirusTotal Scans for Infected Files Online

VirusTotal is an online service that protects your computer against malware, virus or a bad URL. It scans your file with 39 different anti-virus apps. It’s a light-weight app that analyzes suspicious files and URLs. If you’re having suspicious samples that are not detected by your antivirus program, then you can submit the files using VirusTotal website. You can upload a file sizing upto 20 MB. This program also allows you to send the files for analysis with SSL protocol. Your files are scanned by multiple antivirus scanner engines.

Virus Total
With VirusTotal you can scan your files in 3 different ways:

Online Uploader

Simply select the file that is to be scanned and hit the Send File button. You can also send a file through encrypted channel by checking the SSL checkbox.

Email Uploader

You can send your file through email. For this you need to create a new email, write SCAN in the subject field, attach the file that you want to scan, and send it to

Windows Uploader

After installing VirusTotal Uploader, you’ll find an option showing your right-click context menu under Send To option. Choose a file that you want to scan, select Send To, and click VirusTotal.

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