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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Syncronicity : Use iPhone while syncing with iTunes

while synchronizing your iPhone with iTunes you receive this kind of screen .

whatever you are doing no matter how important it is the screen will disappear and you with be left with this screen and now you have 2 options with you:-

1) either cancel your sync and carry on with your work.

2) or wait till the time the sync finishes and then carry on with your

what if the Sync is also equally important as that of the work?????

Here is an alternative for the same :-

if you want to carry on with your work and also sync your idevice then here is step by step guide what to do:-

Step1:-  add the repository

Step2:-   now find Syncronicity cracked application from the repo....

Next time when you sync your iPhone, iPod touch , iPad there will not be any stoppage in your work and you can continue work while syncing your idevice......
Step3:- enjoy the work while syncing!!!!!!

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