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Saturday, April 23, 2011

View or export more than 10 rows of data in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the most advanced Web Analytics Tool available on the web. With custom reporting, advanced segments and other advanced tools, Google Analytics help you gather a customized report of your traffic stats. Google Analytics lets you export all sorts of report generated through it but by default only about 10 results/row are shown. Here’s how you can get more rows of data and export them.
Open any analytics report like report by sources, content etc. By default, you’ll see only 10 rows of data. Scroll down to the bottom and from the show rows dropdown, choose from 10 to 500 depending on how lengthy a report you require. This done, you’ll now see more rows and thus can gather more data from a single page. This can be helpful for exporting your data as well. Google Analytics only lets you export the data that is visible at a time. By default, only 10 rows of data are visible and even if you export the data, you’ll only be able to export those 10 rows at a time. So, pick the option for displaying 500 rows at a time and export more data in a single go.
Google Analytics more rows
You can also do this by modifying you URL. at the end of the URL of a report page, append “&trows=500” (without quotes) and press Enter. You’ll then have a much elaborate data with 500 rows. But you can’t have more than 500 rows even if you take a larger number to add at the end of the URL.
Thus you can get a broader overview and export more data from your Google Analytics reporting.

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