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Friday, April 15, 2011


What is a Firewall ?

Very often , beginners don’t really know what exactly firewall is. Some of them, actually most, have some crazy ideas regarding the kind of protection it offers.

Firewall is a security measure (software or hardware) designed to stop the malicious and frequent internet attacks. The difference between these attacks leads to the question why we need firewall. Isn’t enough an antivirus? Isn’t.

While viruses and spyware can be received when you access a certain page which proves to be bad or checking your email and discovering a new message which you decide to read, there are situation when, without you being actively involved into the action, can obtain something you won’t like.

It can be called the high-tech of the malware: you can have it without knowing, meaning that without being at your desk and with your web browser and email client closed, some of the millions of zombie PCs in the world that regularly scan the internet looking for unprotected computers, can hit you.

There were cases when in 20 or even 4 minutes, an unprotected Windows machine connected to the internet was infected. But this happened before a firewall was added to Windows XP in Service Pack 2.

That’s why you need firewall. An antivirus can’t do the entire job by itself. For solving all the security problems a firewall is mandatory.

The most excellent firewalls to get are inside router hardware (either wired or wireless) attached to the broadband modem. They are turned on by default but checking in the configuration tool won’t hurt.

A router can be obtained by simply turning on the Windows Firewall by going to the Windows Firewall control panel (in XP or Vista).

In a jungle-like world we need protection and good guidance. In the online world we need firewall.

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