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Friday, February 4, 2011

Boonana Trojan Attacks Mac OS X

Usually spreads via messages sent on social networks like Facebook and runs in background

          Clearly, malicious code writers don't spare any platform. If you thought your Mac system wasn't going to be affected by any Trojan or malicious code, this new Boonana Trojan will make you think again. Security Firm Secure Mac has reported that new Trojan dubbed Trojan.osx.boonana.a is spreading through popular social networking sites like Facebook. In pretext of luring a video, the malicious link eventually leads to installation of malware in Mac OS X. Now users are bound to surf social networks like Facebook and others. At such social networks, the user receives message with subject "Is this you in this video?" When the user clicks on the infected link, it activates and runs Java Applet that downloads certain malicious files including an installer on the Mac OS X system. The installer launches automatically, modifies the system files and bypasses the password verification. Then the Trojan sets itself to run at startup invisibly in the background. Since the Trojan spreads by running Java Appalet, SecureMac pointed out that it can infect both Mac OS X and Windows platform. However, no specific details about how it can affect Windows were mentioned. Disabling Java in Safari, Chrome or Firefox on Mac OS X can certain help you to avoid getting your system infected. Just in case you think your Mac has been infected by Boonana Trojan, download this Removal Tool and run it on your Mac OS X.

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